Chips is a mobile game that rewards you for positive behavior

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Tired of playing violent games? Go for one that actually rewards good moral conduct with Chips. This play-to-earn metaverse game hopes to better society.

Get rewarded for positive behavior when you play Chips, a new mobile play-to-earn game from the Wagyu Club. This fun game lets users play, earning and receiving rewards when they do a good deed.

In video games, kind behavior isn’t rewarded nearly as often as violence. That’s something lifelong gamers Wynton Williams and Kenneth Livingston hope to change with their new mobile game, Chips.

Let’s check it out!

Roam an open world in this positive mobile game

In Chips, your task is to explore the open world and participate in various activities. As you partake in them, you’ll undoubtedly meet challenges where you need to make the correct choice or do something for the good of society.

Doing so will earn you points you can use in the game. So instead of playing just for the joy of winning, you actually earn points that take you farther in the game.

Chips informational video

Go for a game built on the blockchain

Impressively, Chips was built and verified on the Cardano blockchain. Featuring 257 transactions per second, it’s faster than Ethereum.

In the long run, the creators believe that using a blockchain with less network traffic will be cost-effective and reduce energy consumption.

Chips has an engaging interface

Check out the game coins

This mobile play-to-earn game includes 2 game coins—the Chip coin and the Crumb token. The Chip coin is the governance token in the Chips metaverse. Its functionalities are linked to DAO operations.

Then, the Crumb token is the in-game monetary asset. It can be minted only through gameplay and rewards game players for completing mini-games.

Chips in use

Stake Chip coins to earn Crumb

Moreover, you can stake Chip coins to earn Crumb tokens passively. The game allows users to Fry Crumbs, Bake Crumbs, or Transfer Chips.

One Chip coin equals 10 Crumb tokens. Since you win digital points, the gameplay has a whole new meaning.

Chips earn to play mobile game
Chips in a lifestyle photo

Create your avatar to play

When interacting in the metaverse, you do so via an Avatar. And Chips is no different. The game offers a wide range of hair and skin colors. That way, your avatar can resemble you or look completely different.

Chips metaverse video

Play this crypto game on both iOS and Android

It doesn’t matter whether you use an iPhone or an Android; you can play this mobile play-to-earn game. That’s right; Chips is available for download on both the Apple Store and Google Play.

Though the app is free to download, most revenue generates through in-app ad placements and in-app purchases.

Read our verdict on Chips

We love the idea of a high-quality game that rewards players with cryptocurrency for good deeds and upstanding moral conduct. Moreover, the open gaming style and ability to stack Coins make the game enjoyable to anyone who plays crypto games.

Want to help Chips come to life? Pledge $100, the Good Samaritan Deal, on Kickstarter. Do you play any blockchain games that you love? Tell us about them in the comment section.

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