Chew ‘N Play Dog SUDOKU Medium Genie Classic interactive dog puzzle provides stimulation

Encourage your pup’s intellect with the Chew ‘N Play Dog SUDOKU Medium Genie Classic. This interactive puzzle for dogs suits medium-size dogs, providing them with mental stimulation that can be as valuable as physical exercise. The Genie level is a complicated option. It has 15 tiles and 16 fields in which to hide your pup’s treat. Providing interest for intelligent dogs, it’s great for pups who living in large cities and can’t take long walks. Not only that, but senior dogs who can’t get as much physical exercise—or dogs who live in very cold climates—will love this! Simply hide treats in the indentations under the tiles and encourage your dog to find them by moving the tiles. Finally, give prize each time Fido moves a tile and finds a treat!

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