Charging Your Tesla at Hotels and Diners May Not Be Free Anymore

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In 2020, Tesla upgraded its Destination Chargers with Gen 3 Wi-Fi-equipped wall connectors and told property owners that it would enable paid charging in the future. Now, several reports have confirmed that paid charging at Destination Chargers is rolling out in the Tesla app for businesses and hosts.

When you’re looking to charge a Tesla anywhere away from home, owners typically have two types of options. Tesla has its expansive Supercharger network, offering DC fast-charging, which you’ll normally find at gas stations and such.

Then, the automaker has its Destination Charging Network. As the name suggests, this offers slower level 2 wall connector chargers, which you’ll often find at destinations like restaurants and hotels. The charging speed is slower, but it’s free while you stay at the hotel or enjoy dinner.

However, it looks like Tesla is finally ready to deploy its paid Destination Charging system. As a result, hotels, apartment complex buildings, and other retail locations could soon start adding even more Destination chargers, then seamlessly charge customers to use one.

Tesla recently updated its Commercial Registration for Wall Connectors form with the addition of paid charging, but there’s one issue that may prevent some locations from taking advantage of it. Property managers must offer six or more wall connectors to charge customers to use a Destination Charger.

“Tesla Commercial Services can be enabled on Gen3 Tesla Wall Connectors that are connected to either Wi-Fi or Cellular and have a signed Services Agreement with Tesla. A minimum of six units are required to be installed to be considered for this service.”

More importantly, this rollout could allow non-Tesla EVs to use the Destination Charging network, as long as they pay for it.

It’s worth noting that while previously these locations offered free charging, many hotel chains, restaurants, or other potential businesses chose not to offer it. However, now that they’ll be able to install a few more stations, then charge customers a fee, we could see the Destination Charger network rapidly expand.

Many hotels throughout the United States only have 2-4 destination stations, which will remain free for drivers. Only when a location adds six or more will they be able to charge a fee.

This is a win-win for Tesla drivers and businesses. In the future, you’ll be able to find more destination chargers than ever before. And the business hosting six or more chargers can set a fair fee and recoup the electricity costs while attracting more users to their location.

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