Carepod One stainless steel humidifier has a 3-piece design for easy maintenance

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Easily clean the Carepod One stainless steel humidifier, which has a 3-piece design. The award-winning patented construction also allows for simple maintenance. The Carepod humidifier can be sterilized, eliminating 99.99% of the bacteria that grow in typical humidifiers. Moreover, this hybrid ultrasonic cool mist humidifier requires no filter and is safe for everyone. So, even if you have little babies in your home, it’s safe for them. Designed by Dr. Hyung Joo Kim, a board-certified dentist with a background in engineering, it is fully compliant with RoHS safety standards. Overall, approved for FDA clearance, this beautiful humidifier supports your immune system and alleviates cold, allergy, and flu symptoms by hydrating dry air. Finally, it works in indoor spaces up to 500 square feet in size.


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