Can Ukrainians arriving in the UK get help to pay rent and council tax?

The Homes for Ukraine Scheme allows British households to host Ukrainian refugees in their homes, giving people a new chance of life after fleeing the war-torn country.

Under the scheme, every ‘guest’ will be entitled to a £200 interim payment to help with subsistence costs which will be provided by the local council.

But hosts can ask their guest to contribute to bills, including water, gas and electricity. In self-contained accommodation, the host can also ask for contributions to council tax, though they cannot charge rent to the guest.

The Homes for Ukraine Scheme is not the only way Ukrainians are finding accommodation in Breitain however, with some moving in with family and others looking for privately rented accommodation.

This means rent and council tax payments will need to be made, which could cause a financial strain on those who arrive without support or a job already in place.

However, those arriving from Ukraine on a valid visa will have access to public services, including work and benefits.

The UK Government says: “If they need to, they’ll be able to claim the housing part of Universal Credit or Housing Benefit.”

However, Ukrainians who have moved to the UK are not able to apply for housing costs support via housing benefit or universal credit until they have a ‘rental liability’ – which means after they leave the Homes for Ukraine scheme.

The Government says: “If your guests need further support, your local authority can support them in finding alternative accommodation.”

Your local Jobcentre Plus will be able to help you find out which benefits your guest may be able to access or you can check online.

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