CAKE Kalk& street-legal bike combines off-road performance with efficient urban commuting

Designed for everything from the outback to your daily commute, the CAKE Kalk& street-legal bike has a lightweight construction. Moreover, this electric motorcycle is certified for street use. So it not only offers an efficient and pollution-free design but also keeps it quiet. Providing riding potential in traffic jams and on silent dirt tracks, this stunning eBike has a reliable and durable design. Explore unbeaten paths, get to work on time, have a thrill on the weekend, and keep it chill on weekdays with the CAKE Kalk&. Similar in style to other CAKE eBikes, this one has a design influenced by downhill and enduro mountain bikes. Furthermore, it has a top speed of 56 mph, a range of 53 miles, and a peak power of 10 kW.

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