Bungling AA van’s rescue mission botched as vehicle stuck in sand when trying to free car

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Photos show the AA vehicle next to a white people-carrier on Porth Beach in Newquay, Cornwall. A recovery driver can be seen frantically trying to get the rescue van out of the fix.

A child’s pink spade can also be seen at the feet of a member of the public knelt beside the AA van.

Witness Lisa Hammond said it took half an hour to 45 minutes for a group to free both vehicles from the sand.

She added it was not the first time a driver had been caught out on the sand, saying a warning sign needed to be put on the beach.

Ms Hammond said: “It took about eight people to finally push them out of the sand.”

“They pushed out the AA van first and then the car.

“It’s time for a really big sign to be put in place because I do think a warning is needed as it’s happening frequently.”

She told Cornwall Live: “It’s the second AA truck that’s got stuck in the past month and the last one needed a tow truck to get it out.”

It came after a blue Volkswagen Transporter got stuck on the same beach in April.


Eight mates tried to free the motor, which was towed to safety with the help of some passers-by.

In one year alone over a dozen cars were rescued from nearby Great Western Beach in Newquay.

Cornwall Council then looked into putting up dead end signs on a road leading to the sands.

A man got his £120,000 Bentley Continental Flying Spur stuck in the sand at a beach in Marazion in west Cornwall.

According to the RAC, drivers are not allowed to drive on most beaches in Britain, but there are a handful which will allow you to test your car out on the sand.

It says popular beaches for driving include Black Rock Sands in Wales, Benone Strand in Northern Ireland and Brean Beach in England.

The RAC advises motorists to check before travelling to make sure there are no restrictions in place.


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