Britain’s first asylum camp to have ‘bespoke’ health service with own GPs and dentists

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Some 1,500 migrants are expected to be housed on a converted RAF base in Linton on Ouse in North Yorkshire. The camp, which has been dubbed Guantanamo on Ouse, will have a “bespoke” on-site health service.

The plans are set out in documents from the Vale of York’s clinical commissioning group (CCG).

The asylum camp will have chemists and opticians as well as GPs and dentists.

Campaigners opposing the camp argue that it will offer a better service to that available to other residents of Linton-on-Ouse.

Professor Olga Matthias, who is campaigning against the asylum camp, told the Telegraph: “They are now supposedly going to be getting a GP service, dental service and mental health support that doesn’t exist in North Yorkshire at an adequate service level.”

But planners say the on-site facilities are needed to prevent the NHS provisions in the area from being overloaded.

CCG documents detail plans to commission a “bespoke, standalone enhanced primary care service for the asylum seeker population” due to be ready by end of this month.

The CCG said it would not be “realistically achievable” for the three GP practices in nearby Tollerton – which already cover 3,500 patients – to take on more.

The proposals are due to be discussed by the CCG tomorrow.

The camp on the former RAF base will house up to 1,500 men aged 18 to 40.

However there has been opposite from villagers who claim they will be outnumbered.

Around 60 migrants were due to move in to the centre last month.

But at the 11th hour the Home Office said no final decision had been made on housing asylum seekers at the converted base.

The Home Office has outsourced the day-to-day management of the camp to contractor company Serco.


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