Bottle Farm Mini hydroponic grow kit is self-watering and works in any container

Grow anywhere in any container when you have the Bottle Farm Mini hydroponic grow kit. Using self-watering using hydroponic technology, it lets you grow fresh food with ease. Simply add the Bottle Farm Plant Fuel to tap water, and it will give your plants all the nutrients they need to grow. In fact, it helps them grow faster than they would in soil—and it uses up to 90% less water because the plants drink exactly the amount of water they need. Moreover, this modular kit turns your old jars, cans, and containers into an herb garden. That’s because the base of the Mini works with almost any container up to 12 cm wide. Designed to be sustainable and beautiful, Bottle Farm Mini requires no plastic plant pots whatsoever. Enjoy fresh ingredients at your fingertips!

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