Boosted Safe backseat car safe locks to your vehicle & disguises itself as a booster seat

Protect your possessions, even when you leave your vehicle, when you have the Boosted Safe backseat car safe. Made of 15 pounds of solid 16-gauge steel, this device locks to your backseat and disguises itself as a booster seat. Whether you drive around with a laptop or camera equipment—or both—it makes sure you never worry about leaving it behind again. With a gunmetal powder coat exterior, it has a slick and durable design. It also incorporates soft internal padding to protect your gear, and its 3-digit 2-pole lock ensures no one but you enters. Not only that, but it also has universal Isofix latch technology that only you can access from the inside. Furthermore, it can handle the force of a car crash, keeping your belongings safe in an accident.

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