Boil water in just 3 minutes with the Kimos battery-powered thermos

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Boil water mid-hike with the Kimos battery-powered thermos. It makes water hot enough for pour-over or tea in just minutes.

Boil water anywhere when you have Kimos battery-powered thermos. This self-heating thermos holds 360 ml of water and brings it to full boiling temperature in just 3 minutes.

Have you ever wished for a quick, portable way to boil water? Maybe you’d like to brew pour-over coffee during a hike or make formula for your baby or toddler on the go.

In those cases, you need a hot water kettle. But those aren’t easy to come by when you’re out. The Kimos thermos is the solution. This beverage container features sleek, modern lines and a button that quickly brings water to a boil.

Boil water anywhere, anytime with the Kimos

Whether you want to brew coffee during a long road trip or tea for a picnic lunch, it’s possible with this battery-powered thermos.

Shaped like a standard thermos, this cool gadget fits easily in cup holders and backpacks. So it’s easy to take on road trips, outdoor adventures, or even just on errands.

This means you can boil water anywhere, which could be a lifesaver if you need to make baby formula, sterilize something, or recharge with a cup of coffee.

Kimos and a bottle

Reach a full boil in 3 minutes

So, does this product reach a full, rolling boil? The company says it does. Thanks to its integrated, rechargeable battery, this mug can bring cool water to a boil in 3 minutes.

That’s a good time for a battery-powered device. Meanwhile, you can boil water 5 times before you need to recharge this battery-powered thermos.

Boil 2 cups of water per session with this innovative thermos

The makers of this battery-powered thermos understand that you might want to share your drink. For that reason, the Kimos thermos fits 2 cups of water.

This lets you brew 2 cups of coffee or tea at a time, the ideal amount for sharing. So you could totally make tea for yourself and your partner during a camping trip. Imagine sipping your favorite tea while watching the butterflies flit through the fields.

Heat water on the go

Long road trips at night necessitate coffee. But if you’re miles from the next town, you might have to tough it out or pull over for the night. Having the Kimos at your side gives you more options.

It ensures you can always stop for coffee because it gives you the means of making it right in your car. With it in your cupholder, you won’t have to rely on scalding hot gas station coffee anymore.

Make baby formula anytime, anywhere

This battery-powered thermos is also great for parents. Since it boils water at the press of a button, it gives you more flexibility when you go out.

When it’s time for the baby’s next bottle, simply boil water in the Kimos thermos. It gets the water up to temperature quickly, ensuring you can make a proper bottle of formula anywhere.

So no more rushing home at lunchtime to make the bottle. You can mix it anywhere with this helpful parents’ gadget.

Enjoy hot water for 4 hours

What’s more, you don’t have to rush to use the boiling water. According to the company’s Kickstarter page, this thermos retains temperature for up to 4 hours.

So you won’t have to worry about the water cooling down if you can’t measure your coffee or seep your tea immediately.

Go for a safe, battery-powered mug

Moreover, this travel accessory is safe to use. In fact, it’s equipped with several safety features for your peace of mind.

First, the power button and charger are both waterproof and dustproof, so you won’t have to worry about accidental spills and outdoor use.

Then, a safety system prevents the cup from heating without water which is super beneficial. Finally, the no-spill cap protects you from boiling water spillage.

Read our verdict on the Kimos

There’s so much to love about the Kimo water boiling thermos. Featuring a sleek travel-mug profile, it lets you boil water whenever, wherever. It’s ideal for parents, hikers, and anyone who loves road trips.

Preorder it for $80 on Kickstarter. What cool gadgets are part of your EDC? Let us know!

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