Bob mini dishwasher by Daan Tech washes the daily dishes of 2 people in just 20 minutes

Wash your daily dishes faster than ever before with the Bob mini dishwasher by Daan Tech. This automatic dishwasher can do the daily dishes of 2 people in just 20 minutes. The door of this dishwasher is made of 100% recycled plastic and comes in 2 finishes: matte and brilliant chrome. Additionally, the choice of your screen will modify the available cycles as well as Wi-Fi connectivity and access to Bob+. In fact, you can also add the Bob ultraviolet module to decontaminate your everyday objects. There are also 2 baskets to choose from that suit your daily needs. With Bob easy tap, you can connect Bob to your tap and allow the autonomous technology to make the dishwasher fill by itself. Take your dishwashing experience a step further with Bob’s everyday, convenient design.

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