BlockFrameNFT GM1 NFT display offers a high-quality wooden frame in 2 sleek colors

Display your NFTs in style with the BlockFrameNFT GM1 NFT display. This display offers a clean look, with a high quality wooden frame in two beautiful colors. In order to use it, all you have to do is turn on the frame, connect to wifi, and launch the BlockFrameNFT frame app from the home page. In fact, the app will also auto-launch when the device is turned on. The BlockFrameNFT mobile app will add the frame by scanning the frame’s unique QR code. The display also comes with an IR remote that will turn it on and off easily. The GM1 can be rotated from portrait (default) to landscape through the frame’s device settings. If you are into NFT, this smart display is a great way to display your best collections in one place.

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