9 Best Torrent Search Engine Sites for 2020

9 Best Torrent Search Engine Sites for 2020

Torrent is not new to the web world. It is used to access many webs and downloads; you can’t do otherwise. Many people talk about the torrent search engine to download their favorite movies from there. Have you heard about the torrent ecosystem? Do you know how it works? Do you know that BitTorrent generates more than 40% of internet traffic? There could be many more questions about the torrent ecosystem, and some people are even keen to understand the intricacies of using it. 

If you’re connected to the torrent ecosystem, you have access to tons of torrent sites where you can search torrent files. Many people didn’t hear about the term “torrent search engine” until the FBI nabbed the operators of Kat and arrested him in Poland.

Security is a significant concern in the torrent ecosystem that is known to the operators of torrent sites. They’ve started referring to their websites as a search engine for torrents that support people searching torrents. The torrent search engine, similar to other search engines such as Google, Yahoo, and Bing, provides search results only from BitTorrent websites. You can use them free of cost to cover a wide range of torrent websites to download the torrent files and magnet links by the user.

9 Best Torrent Search Engine Sites

1. Torrentz2

It is the most popular option globally featuring incredible capability, vibrant community, and verified torrents. Torrentz2 (second version) can be tried as an alternative to the now-offline site Torrentz (original version). The homepage of the website offers a glimpse into the most popular and verified torrents. It includes categories such as movies, software, TV shows, music, and more, apart from searching for specific names and titles.

Its marvelous availability allows targeting by individual ISPs. This most comprehensive search engine indexes more than 61 million torrent files and has more than 21 million monthly users.


It is a standard yet reliable torrent search engine, suitable for different use cases. It has worldwide availability. It brings a highly-polished website. This search engine primarily features plenty of torrents, individual categories’ search, and country-based search. You don’t need to dig deeper because the information is usually in your initial stage of searching for torrents.

The data regarding indexed torrent files are not available, but over 860, 000 use this search engine every month.

3. TorrentSeeker

torrentseeker search engine

TorrentSeeker stands out as one of the nicely designed search engines. It relies on Google search, features result previews, and searches over a hundred torrent sites. Its availability allows targeting by certain ISPs. The home page brings only a prominent logo, and there’s a search bar as well. The results are instantly available when you type in the name of the torrent you want to download.

This search engine is indexing millions of torrent files and has more than 490,000 monthly users.

4. Snowfl

This simple, very fast, and easy to use search engine has worldwide availability. There are no distractions here, apart from occasional ads. It is using a custom Google search. Custom filters are not included in its features. The home page brings a prominent search field at the top and the list of results across the rest of its interface. Input into the search bar of the site displays a long list of results. 

The data regarding indexed torrent files are not available, but over 440, 000 use this search engine every month.

5. Veoble

The worldwide available Veoble’s biggest strength is in offering helpful ways to filter the search results, exclude individual torrent sites, and even sort the search results using different languages. It is powered by Google’s custom search and provides lots of filtering options. Veoble has a reasonably standard interface, with a prominent search bar on the home screen.

The data regarding indexed torrent files are not available, but over 117,500 use this search engine every month.

6. Zooqle

Google is so special for active users of movies and TV shows’ torrent sites. The worldwide Google users consider it as a media streaming torrenting website as this search engine is excellent for movies and TV shows. Zooqle showcases the most popular categories on the front page, where you can see popular movies, TV shows, music, and similar. It has a user-friendly UI and tends to bring verified torrent files.

This search engine is indexing more than 45.5 million torrent files and has more than 77 million monthly users.

7. big

This worldwide search engine features minimalist design; helpful search overviews; useful sorting by relevance, age, and size. Big, the successor of BTDigg, is everything you would expect out of a proficient search engine. One of its features is helpful articles and tutorials on understanding and downloading torrents, usually not in other torrent sites. You’ll get to download plenty of files from BTDig as magnet files, without seeing annoying pop-ups or being redirected to third-party websites.

This search engine is indexing millions of torrent files and has over 23 million monthly users.

8. iDope

IDope is a significant part of the torrent search engines’ list. iDope is available everywhere except Australia, Denmark, India, and the United Kingdom, where individual ISPs have blocked iDope. This torrent search engine features a lightweight design, a sizable collection of torrents, and offers web browser extensions as well. It is easy to download movies on your smartphone because of its straightforward UI that’s also accessible via mobile devices.

This search engine is indexing more than 185 million torrent files and has more than 15 million monthly users.

9. Torrents.io

torrents me

Individual ISPs might target Torrents.io. This search engine features helpful visual insights, user-friendly UI; customizable search; searches over 600 torrent websites. In case you want something more advanced in torrenting, Torrent.io is an excellent choice. It has a highly polished website that allows access to millions of torrent files disseminated across the entire Web. You can see a lot of useful information, including which torrents files are trending. You can see a full range of different categories and subcategories at the bottom of the homepage.

This search engine is indexing millions of torrent files and has more than 28 million monthly users.