BenjiLock Fingerprint Sport Lock keeps items in a locker, duffel bag, or cabinet secure

Secure your belongings with the BenjiLock Fingerprint Sport Lock. Lightweight and portable, this small, versatile lock stores up to 10 fingerprints so multiple users can access it if necessary. With a compact padlock design, it suits fitness and health enthusiasts while offering a touch of fashion thanks to its sleek matte finish. Additionally, it uses premium materials like a stainless-steel shackle with corrosion-resistant technology. Not only that, but it also has an innovative design ideal for personal fitness security on the go. Crafted with a secure cover, it ensures you never need to remember a combination or a key, and it works on lockers at school or the gym, bags, and cabinets. Furthermore, its rechargeable lithium-ion battery lasts up to a year on a single charge, and it offers a .75 shackle clearance. Finally, it can help those with hearing and visual impairments unlock their belongings.

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