Baltoro Impetro Gear System is a modular backpack system designed for mountain sports

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Get one bag that can tackle every mountain with you when you go for the Baltoro Impetro Gear System. With a changeable design for all-year mountain sports, it all starts with the Base Unit. Then, you simply zip on and off different specialized packs for mountain biking, skiing, and mountaineering. Altogether, you get 3 premium backpacks for the price of one. Additionally, the Base Unit has X-cut straps that allow for a full range of arm motion. And its chest-centered design gives you load stability. Then, the Mountaineer Pack has an extra-large top-loading compartment that you can easily put your climbing gear in. Furthermore, you’ll use the Bike Pack, which has a goggles holder and a helmet carrier, for all your enduro rides. Finally, hit the slopes by zipping on the Ski Pack, which has pole holders and a shovel compartment.

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