Badageetchy piggy investment board game has you earn a profit to buy the Useless Unicycle

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Want to achieve the ultimate status symbol? Well, to get the Useless Unicycle, you have to play just about the silliest game ever. Full of goofiness and strategy, the Badageetchy piggy investment board game lets 2 to 5 players act as capitalist pigs. Their goal is to step on the heads of their foes to accumulate filthy amounts of money by investing in small businesses at the eclectic Market of shops. Bring home a profit when it’s Payday, and then you’ll eventually get invited to Badageetchy: The Mall of Laryn B. Gitis. There, you can purchase the Useless Unicycle—get 3 and you win the game! Can you succeed in this cut-throat world? Can you even ride a unicycle if you’re a pig? You’ll have to find out.


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