9 Alternative Apps like Shazam for Andriod & iOS

9 Alternative Apps like Shazam for Andriod & iOS

Music is life for few and a stress buster for many. After a tiresome day, when you listen to some soothing music, it calms your mind and makes you feel rejuvenated. Sometimes, you hear a song but forget which movie it belongs to and what tune it is. The best app that allows you to recognize the songs with ease is Shazam. When you have a tune and are unable to identify the song, it causes a lot of frustration, and you can only end the frustration after identifying the song. You do not have to play the trial and error method on the browser. There is an app that helps you recognize the songs based on the tunes. It is Shazam. It is popular among musicians and music enthusiasts. It helps you to find the songs just with the tune or lyrics in no time. There are many apps like Shazam, if you want to know about such Shazam alternatives, read this article. We have listed the best apps that can also recognize the songs in a jiffy based on the tunes. 

9 Apps like Shazam for Android & iOS

  • Spotify


    Spotify is one of the apps similar to Shazam that you can have on your mobile to listen to the favorite songs in different languages. The simple to use interface and impressive design make the listeners glued to this app for a long time. The hidden feature of this app is that it also can recognize the songs. You can download the songs and music for free of cost. It is the app that every music lover must have on their mobiles.

    Download Spotify: Android, iOS

  • Sonic Search

    Sonic Search

    There are a few songs whose lyrics are complicated for the listeners to remember and recognize the song if at all you want to listen to it in the future. With the help of the sonic search app, you can search for any song of your choice. Various hit songs are available on this app. You can know the history of the song that you would like to listen to.

    Download Sonic Search: Android

  • MusicID


    Want to know about the tune that is stuck in your head, you can search for it using this one of the apps like Shazam to listen to the song completely. It helps you to recognize the songs. Besides this, you can also find thousands of songs in its database. There is a lot of interest in the singers that may grab your attention, and you would be interested in knowing. You can recognize the song that is in your mind using this app. Many people download songs from this app.

    Download MusicID: Android, iOS

  • Soly


    Soly is an application that helps you to find the song and its lyrics. You can download this song on your mobile to find the song whose tune is stuck in your head. You can also learn the lyrics of the songs using this app. You do not need to search on Google for the lyrics of the songs of your choice. You can download the songs as well as the lyrics using this app. It also helps you listen to songs offline. The app enables you to enjoy karaoke.

    Download Soly: Android

  • Google Sound Search

    Goole Sound Search is the best app that allows you to search for the song for the tune that is running in your head. It is the perfect alternative to Shazam. You can have this app on your mobile home screen to access quickly. You can search for the tune, song, lyrics of your interest without paying a single penny from your pockets. You would enjoy the findings to the core. 

    Download Google Sound Search: Android

  • ReverbNation


    ReverbNation is an ideal music app for the people who would like to listen to music starting from the time they wake up till they sleep. You can have access to an unlimited number of songs using this app. The best thing is that it is free of ads. No ads would cause an interruption to your musical experience. The simple to use interface will let you navigate through the app without any hassle. You can use this app for a long time without any interruptions. You can also share the favorite songs with the friends to make them listen and become a fan of it. 

    Download ReverbNation: Android, iOS

  • Earbits Music Discovery

    Earbits Music Discovery

    Earbits Music Discovery is one of the best apps similar to Shazam. You can search for your favorite musical tracks, recognize the songs, and download your interest songs. You can also create the playlist on this app to listen to your favorite songs even offline. The best feature that is offered by this app is the radio feature. You can tune to the radio stations to entertain yourself in the past time. 

    Download Earbits Music Discovery: Android, iOS

  • Music Detector

    Music Detector

    If you want to know the name of the movie or the complete song in which you are humming or striking your mind continuously, then you can use this app. It enables you to recognize the song with the help of the tune. You can learn about the music directors who have produced music for the song and can add to the playlist to listen to it whenever you find free time.

    Download Music Detector: Android

  • Music Recognition

    Music Recognition

    Music Recognition is another killing app that helps you to recognize the music with the tunes. It is the best alternative to Shazam. The Shazam alternative app is simple to use and has a rich interface. Moreover, any user can access this app with no technical knowledge. There is a flash mode that would sync with the beats and makes you feel like a party kind of environment. 

    Download Music Recognition: Android