Aon names global head of ESG transaction advisory services

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“Our own recent analysis has shown that ESG considerations have become an important area of focus for companies and their stakeholders, impacting deal structures, valuations and post-deal roadmaps,” said Edwin Charnaud, chairman of M&A and Transaction Solutions at Aon.

“As part of the due diligence processes, buyers will increasingly scrutinize how targets address the volatility of climate risk and contribute to environmental goals, determine if they act socially responsible and identify material, financial, compliance and reputational risks. On the sell side, dealmakers may want to highlight opportunities to leverage targets’ positive ESG credentials.”

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Prior to joining Aon, O’Gorman was a management consultant with a focus on climate risk, the energy transition, renewable energy and sustainability. Working with PwC and Baringa Partners and as an independent consultant, she has advised governments and private-sector companies in the UK and the European Union, particularly in the energy and financial services industries. Most recently, she advised a multinational financial services company on how to adhere to recent regulations by embedding climate risk considerations into its business and operating model.

“I am thrilled to join Aon to help secure investments, enhance returns and shape better deal decisions for our clients,” O’Gorman said. “I am excited to join such a diverse global team of proven professionals dedicated to staying ahead of trends and driving innovation in the M&A space in a way that not only participates in the market, but helps drive it.”

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