Amy Duggar Sets Painful Family Boundaries: Josh Isn’t the Only Toxic Relative!

Amy Duggar is not the same as her relatives. That is a good thing.

She doesn’t blame her cousins for judging her, considering how they were raised.

Amy’s childhood had its own share of complications.

This is why Josh Duggar is not the only family member with whom Amy has no real contact.

Amy Duggar Reacts to Josh Duggar Sentencing: FINALLY!

Sunday, June 19, was Father’s Day.

The holiday, celebrated by dads and their families, can be a complicated time for many.

Amy Rachelle King knows that as well as anyone.

Amy Duggar on TLC
Amy Duggar appears here back in the day on TLC. She has been an outspoken critic of her famous family.

“My relationship with my dad is non existent,” Amy tweeted on Monday, June 20.

“I had to put boundaries in place for protection,” she acknowledged.

“If your day was hard,” Amy wrote, “you are not alone.”

“And,” she emphasized, “I see you.”

Amy expressed: “I’m sorry your dad didn’t step up and be the loving father that you deserve in your life.”

Obviously, Amy is speaking from experience.

A Amy Duggar Selfie Shot

As a child, Amy endured physical abuse from her father.

Putting boundaries into place was the right thing to do, for herself and for her family.

However, that does not make Father’s Day or her life itself any easier.

Amy Duggar on the Gram
Amy Duggar shared this beautiful photo of herself to Instagram in late April of 2022.

Simply put, you only get one childhood.

Father’s Day means that some people are mourning late dads, or wondering about absent ones.

Amy, like millions of others, knows that Father’s Day means grappling with a lot of complicated feelings and traumas.

Amy Duggar, Looking Sad

We acknowledged that Amy is not alone in this.

Going no-contact with an abusive parent is not always economically viable, but more are taking this courageous step.

Not everyone exists in a religious community and a culture that makes this quite as difficult as it must have been for Amy.

Amy Duggar: A Photo
Amy Duggar has not been shy in criticizing members of her own family. And we applaud her for that.

Fortunately, Amy is not an IBLP cultist like her cousins, her aunt, or her uncle.

She is, however, a devout Christian, and was raised in a conservative Christian family.

The pressures within that community to forgive — no matter what — are even more than they are in mainstream society.

Amy Duggar on Social
Amy Duggar is featured in this photo, addressing her many fans on social media.

But then, Amy has taken a strong moral stance in this area with another relative.

So much of the Duggar family bent over backwards to not only “forgive” Josh Duggar in the past, but to actively enable him.

By hiding his criminal history, minimizing his crimes in television interviews, they helped him get away with it.

Amy Duggar Head Shot
Amy Duggar is the cousin of Jim Bob and Michelle’s 19 Kids and Counting. She does not believe in the side hugs and such.

Obviously, this did not work indefinitely.

Their push to rehabilitate Josh’s public image never really worked.

Then, last year, Josh was convicted for possessing and receiving CSAM.

Amy Duggar Has Tea to Spill
Amy Duggar King took to her Instagram Stories to make sure that fans and followers know that she has a lot of things to say if she can get out of her NDA.

Even when her family was silent, Amy was vocal in her opposition to and disgust towards Josh.

Then, Josh’s arrest and conviction only made her more vocal.

Amy would happily say more, but an NDA prevents her from speaking her mind as much as she would like.

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