Amber Portwood Has Criminal Charges Dismissed: I’m Not a Felon Anymore!

Back in 2019, Amber Portwood was arrested for assaulting her then-fiancé, Andrew Glennon.

And the allegations against her were rather nasty.

Glennon claimed that Portwood attacked him with a machete while he was holding their child.

Amber insisted that she was innocent, but perhaps she realized the odds were stacked against her.

After all, this is a woman whose past assaults have been caught on camera, and who already served time in prison.

So Amber accepted a plea deal after her most recent arrest.

And now, the charges against her have been dismissed as a result of that deal.

Amber Portwood Bares Her Soul

According to a new report from The Ashley’s Reality Roundup, Amber’s deal required her to complete 906 days of probation and undergo routine substance abuse and mental health evaluations.

These evaluations included random urine and breath testing, as well as parenting classes and participating in a Batterers’ Intervention Program.

As evidenced by her many arrests, Amber is generally not very good at following rules.

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But amazingly, she completed all of the requirements of her plea deal in April.

And as a result, her felony charges have been removed from her permanent legal record.

Portwood’s charge of Domestic Battery (with a prior conviction) was dismissed completely.

Amber Portwood: Leah Didn't Buy My Sob Story! It's Gary's Job to Fix This!

And her charge of “Intimidation- Habitual Felony Offender Enhancement” (a Level 6 felony) was reduced to a misdemeanor.

It took Amber almost three years to complete all of the requirements.

But last Friday, all that work paid off.

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That’s when her lawyer successfully petitioned the court to have Amber’s felony charges dismissed or reduced to misdemeanors.

Of course, Amber’s legal headaches are far from over.

She’s still locked in an increasingly messy custody battle with Glennon.

Amber Portwood on Teen Mom OG Season 9

The two are battling over their 4-year-old son James.

And for obvious reasons, Andrew has the upper hand.

Not only has Amber been arrested for assault on multiple occasions, her years of violent anger and shoddy parenting have been documented on Teen Mom OG.

Amber Portwood: Leah Hates Me! She'll Change Her Mind Someday, Maybe!

Amber’s 13-year-old daughter Leah spends most of her time living with her father, Gary Shirley.

(Amber’s first round of legal troubles began when she assaulted Gary in front of an MTV camera crew.)

Now, there’s a possibility that Andrew will also be granted primary physical custody.

Amber Portwood with Child

Of course, Amber has salvaged her relationship with Leah in recent years, and it’s possible that she feels she’s better at parenting when she only has to do it in small doses.

But even so, you know she won’t just roll over and hand Andrew an easy win.

No, in all likelihood, Amber and Andrew will continue duking it out in front of a family court judge for many years to come.

Amber Portwood Reaction

Thankfully, James is too young to realize what a messy situation his parents are involved with.

But if this battle drags on for years (as it almost certainly will), then James might wind up finding out more than he would like to about his parents’ messy relationship.

Here’s hoping the kid will hold off on watching Teen Mom OG reruns until he’s much, much older.

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