Amber Heard to Elon Musk: Thanks for the Tesla … But I Have to Sell It to Pay Off Johnny Depp!

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It’s been almost a month since Johnny Depp won his defamation suit against Amber Heard, and little has changed with regard to the actors’ reputations.

Depp is still riding high on his victory (although recent reports that the actor will receive $301 million to return to the Pirates of the Caribbean franchise appear to be bogus).

While Heard remains one of the most hated people on the internet.

That doesn’t bode well for the future of Amber’s acting career — which is a problem, as it appears that she’s in dire straits financially.

Depp was awarded $15 million in damages by the seven-person jury in Virginia.

That amount was reduced to $10.35 million due to the state’s cap on punitive damages.

Heard was awarded $2 million in compensatory damages, but that still leaves her with an $8.35 million debt to her ex.

Amber Heard at Trial

Heard’s lawyer revealed in a recent interview that the actress cannot afford to pay what she owes.

And while Amber plans to appeal the verdict, it seems that in the meantime, she’s taking steps to ensure that she’ll be able to begin chipping away at her debt to Depp.

And her first actions in that regard are likely to appeal to Captain Jack’s sense of justice.

Johnny Depp Is In Court

According to gossip site Marca, Heard has decided to sell the Tesla Model X that she received as a gift from Elon Musk.

Depp alleged that Heard cheated on him with Musk, and while that has yet to be confirmed, Amber and Elon definitely dated, going public with their relationship shortly after her messy split from Depp.

Musk has offered a great deal of support to Heard — there are, after all, advantages to dating the wealthiest man on the planet.

Sources say the Tesla CEO forked over millions to cover Heard after she promised to donate her entire divorce settlement to charity.

Now, it seems that in some small way, he’s continuing to support Heard as she faces the most daunting financial obstacle of her life.

The car is valued at $130,000 new, and industry experts say Heard should be able to sell it for six figures.

Amber Heard Leaves Court

(As a gift from Musk, the Model X might be of special interest to Tesla fans and collectors.)

It’s a drop in the bucket compared to what Heard owes Depp, but the sale will likely allow her to make her first payments to her ex-husband, the amount of which has not been made public.

And that might allow Amber a little breathing room as she plans her next move.


Amber Heard Takes the Stand

The years ahead are likely to be difficult ones for Heard, as she attempts to dig herself out from a deep financial hole and salvage whatever remains of her career and reputation.

A successful appeal would obviously do wonders for the actress in both respects, but the odds are against her, and it seems that she’s not lying back and waiting for the justice system to come to her rescue.

In all likelihood, the Depp v. Heard verdict will continue to be a hot topic of debate for many years to come.

But while it’s an abstract matter for angry Twitter users, Heard is currently doing her best to cope with the very real fallout.

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