Amazon Echo Auto 2nd Gen smart car accessory provides intelligent on-the-go assistance

Find yourself wishing you could upgrade your old Echo Auto? You can! The Amazon Echo Auto 2nd Gen smart car accessory features a suite of new features. With a redesigned look, it blends in with your car’s interior. Not only that, but it truly looks like a member of the Echo family. Integrating into your vehicle, it gives you the smart car features you want. Its slim design includes a mounting plate. Simply adhere it, and it will remain secure. With 5 individual microphones, it hears your commands even if the road noise around you is quite loud. Designed to respond to voice commands, it can also play music. And it even has a function that switches from your home stereo to your vehicle’s speakers as you get in. Providing navigation and hands-free calling, it can let you know when your pre-ordered Whole Foods grocery order is ready for pickup!

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