Amazon Astro 2nd Gen smart robot offers useful features for home and office situations

Think your home or office is missing something? It’s the Amazon Astro 2nd Gen smart robot. Designed to help you in more ways than one, it can actually keep a watchful eye on your pet while you’re at the office. Not only that, but you can also use it to help protect your workspace when you’re home. A cute and fun mobile security system, this Alexa device with wheels can act as a guard dog while helping you stay apprised of calendar events. Set Astro to be on patrol around your home, and it’ll take short video clips of your cat or dog when it sees them. Then, it shares the Live View with you so you know how they’re doing—or can ask them to stop eating food on the counter. An update of the first-gen model, it works with the the Alexa Together service.

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