AirPoint Mouse functions as a desktop mouse & a finger-wearable mouse for a 2-in-1 design

Use the AirPoint Mouse finger-wearable presenter as a finger-worn 3D mouse or as a desktop mouse. Combining 2 uses in 1, this office gadget’s versatile design enables you to deliver stunning presentations. Control the cursor with simple wrist movements and use intuitive air gestures for left and right clicks. In fact, it offers complex gesture recognition for excellent precision and the freedom to present anywhere. All the while, with touchpads on both sides of the Ring, it lets you easily select your function without having to look away. Alternatively, use it as a desktop mouse, and it even tracks movements on most surfaces in 2D modes. Moreover, this finger-wearable presenter supports left-hand and right-hand modes for excellent versatility. Finally, the AirPoint app supports features such as spotlight, magnifier, and pointer. Overall, make your presentations more professional and streamline your workday at a computer, too.

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