AirBell bicycle bell for Apple AirTag lets you easily attach your finder to your bike

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Hide your Apple AirTag easily on your bike with the AirBell bicycle bell for Apple AirTag. Your AirTag connects to Apple’s Find my Network, and with this, you can easily track your bike’s whereabouts from your phone. The set comes with an easy assembly kit so that you can attach it to your bike within minutes. In fact, the bell is designed for 22mm handlebars (circumference approx 69 mm). Additionally, the extra robust, fiber-reinforced plastic design makes this bell super handy for daily use. Most importantly, it’s going to hide the location of your AirTag from everyone so using it to safeguard your bike will be super easy and safe. If you are planning to get something to make your bike secure and if you already have an Apple AirTag, this is a great option worth trying.


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