ACERA Running Bull Travel Mug has a tourmaline lining, improving your drink’s flavor

Enjoy drinking water from the ACERA Running Bull Travel Mug. Its tourmaline lining actually heightens the freshness and flavor of any beverage. Meanwhile, the tourmaline’s charged negative ions add a pure taste and neutralize chlorine and other impurities. So your drinks are actually more flavorful in this travel mug. What’s more, each ACERA tumbler features beautiful engraved designs. This one has a striking geometric bull in firey red and pink tones. Additionally, thanks to its design, this container ensures hydrating is an activity you can enjoy. Moreover, with its 12.3-ounce capacity, it can carry a large quantity of water. Then, the double-wall insulation ensures it keeps cold drinks cold and hot drinks hot. Finally, materials like ABS with a bamboo effect, ceramic, Tritan, and silicone ensure you get long-lasting use.

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