Abstract Playing Cards are guaranteed to stand out and wow your game night guests

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Change up your next game night by playing with the Abstract Playing Cards. With a guaranteed unique look, they redesign the traditional black suits into a blue hue. And the special cards appear as abstract geometrical versions of themselves. The Joker, King, Back, Queen, and Jack have a totally new look. In fact, they use only the 4 primary shapes—rectangles, squares, circles, and triangles. Additionally, suitable for any table game or magic trick, this abstract deck of cards comes in the 63 x 88 mm standard poker format with 54 pieces in a set. Moreover, they consist of 310 gsm German black core linen card stock with a 4/4 full color design. Furthermore, they come in a custom-designed tuck box made of 240 gsm stock paper with matte lamination on the exterior, which is in 4/0 full color.

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