A Quick Guide to Search for an Ideal Paying Guest in Bangalore

A Quick Guide to Search for an Ideal Paying Guest in Bangalore

In today’s fasts moving world, you may leave out of their home town to discover more career opportunities. Life is not easy while you move to a new city. Just think over it, you will be out of your comfort zone and you will be required to explore everything by yourself. This is a scary task.

Moving to big cities like Bangalore is surely a migrant’s dream. Being aware of Bangalore, which is the Garden City of India, this city is popular for many MNCs, colleges, and universities as well. The city has strong information technology industries that resulted in it being mentioned as the Silicon Valley of India. Moreover, Bangalore city is always welcome to migrants. Having a multilingual culture and many other features, most people love this city.

One such top place in Bangalore is Indiranagar and that is easily commutable from many top companies in Bangalore. The city has a cosmopolitan and classy culture together with its wonderful weather conditions and food joints are a beautiful place to live. 

If you are a newcomer to the Bangalore city, you should find a safe and nice place to stay. Be it a paying guest accommodation or a hostel, or a rented house or flat, you will get many options. If you have come to Bangalore to start a new course or a career PG would be an ideal choice for you to stay.

There are many PG in Bangalore, and there are many PG in Indiranagar as well. You need to find the right place to stay in Bangalore. To find a PG in Bangalore, here are few things that you need to consider identifying a good paying guest accommodation. If you are going to stay in a PG, you need to look out for it at the appropriate location. Also, when looking for it, you need to state your requirements and keep the following points in mind.

  • Location – The main point that you need to consider would be your paying guest accommodation location. You need to find the distance for the PG to your workplace or institution. This is to ensure that you do not spend too much time-wasting on the traffic. The ideal option would be choosing one accommodation that is near to your workplace or institution. 
  • Transport – The other main point that you need to check is the transport facilities that are available near the PG. It would be good if your PG is near public transports like rail stations, bus stops, etc. This would mainly ensure that you don’t get stressed out looking for travel modes to reach a place.
  • Surroundings – While selecting for a PG in Indiranagar or any location for a PG in Bangalore, ensure that you check its surroundings. Whether there are medical stores, hospitals, shops, eateries in the nearby area. You prefer to stay in a place that has all the facilities nearby without having to go many distances to get your needs fulfilled.
  • Background Verification – Before you join a new job, employers usually have a background check. Like that, before you fix for paying guest accommodation, you need to enquire about the paying guest. Have an informal talk with people staying there as staying in paying guest accommodation requires adjustment.
  • Check the Amenities – Check the room thoroughly where you are going to stay. Check whether it is warm, liveable, and neat. Ensure that there are no water leaks and all the electrical things are working and in place. Check if there is enough water for you.
  • Electrical Appliances Usage – Check whether you are permitted to make use of electronic things as part of the rent. You need to make sure that you can use electricity as well or are there any restrictions on it.
  • Food – One more main check is to check on the food. Check if the paying guest serves vegetarian and non-vegetarian food. Check about the food quality and the way it is prepared.
  • Safety – Ensure that accommodation that you are going to move in is secure and inmates are decent. In case you are not comfortable do not opt for it.


There is a various checklist that you need to check when you are in search of paying guest accommodation. So, keep in mind all these and search for a good PG in Bangalore.