“A perfect blend”

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“We believe our strength is in a perfect blend of underwriting discipline, customer service, analytics and providing our customers with top-notch access to our products more seamlessly,” David DeMott, president of Gridiron, told IBA.

Gridiron utilizes onsite actuarial, CAT modeling, software development and underwriting processes to help ensure excellent product delivery, the company said. It also offers its customers an array or proprietary online products and services for easier program access, while still focusing on serving more complex risks and accounts.

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Gridiron has five distinct online portals: Inland Pro, Easy Excess, Flood on Demand, Contractors Plus, and Property on Demand. These portals are designed for customers to quote small business with Gridiron in two minutes or less.

“Efficiency, ease of use, and speed while maintaining our underwriting integrity is critical in the smaller premium transactional market space,” said Peggy Vidal, chief financial officer at Gridiron.

The company puts commitment to customer service at the center of its philosophy. Gridiron believes that underwriting discipline, hard work, technology, and commitment to the company and staff are the core of its success and continued growth.


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