A.Bell customizable women’s bag lets you create your bag yourself in a virtual showroom

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Tote a purse made just for you when you have the A.Bell customizable women’s bag. All you have to do is use the virtual showroom to DIY your bag! Made with cowhide leather, the collection offers 72 different styles that you can adapt to your aesthetic, mood, and taste. First, choose from 4 designs of the bag, then select from 3 kinds of point buckles. Next, choose from 3 bag colors and 3 buckle colors. Not only that, but the showroom also offers you 3 kinds of straps. Use the showroom to try out various styles by simply clicking your mouse. Easily change designs, colors, and buckles and view it in 3D! The styles include Meave, Ella, and Ava, and the colors include Black, Off White, and Brown. As for the buckles, you can choose gold, nickel, or black nickel. Overall, personalize to your heart’s content!

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