8BitDo Ultimate Wireless 2.4g Controller with Charging Dock automatically turns on and off

Game on with the 8BitDo Ultimate Wireless 2.4g Controller with Charging Dock. Conveniently, it automatically switches on when it is undocked and off when it’s docked. Moreover, this gadget works with Windows 10 and above, Android 9.0 and above, and Raspberry Pi. Moreover, you’ll get Ultimate software on your PC for mapping, sticks, triggers, vibrations, and macros. Additionally, there’s also a 2-way mode switch button to alternate between X-input and D-input. Beyond that, the controller also has 2 pro back paddle buttons as well as a custom profile switch button. This lets you alternate between 3 profiles as you please. You’ll get the 2.4g adapter, and you’ll enjoy the rumble vibration feature as well. With USB-C connectivity, it also offers you 15 hours of rechargeable battery life.

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