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2. Play Bingo

We played Bingo years ago at a brewery when we first lived in Las Vegas, but we haven’t done it since then. It was so much more fun than I remember (probably because we won twice)! Bingo games run throughout the day, and you can go old school with paper and dauber or new school with the electronic screens they provide. We tried both to see what the experience was like.

There is something fun about marking it on your own, but it can get stressful to keep up with. Next time we go, we’re sticking with the screens. It marks everything for you, so you can sit back, enjoy, and yell Bingo when you win. That way, you can focus on hanging out over fretting over numbers.

Local Tip: For a fun group night out, check out Rock Shot Bingo. These monthly themed events are like a party. There’s a DJ, and everyone uses the screens so you can drink and dance. Plus, if someone at your table wins, everyone gets a shot!

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