4 Astounding Tips to Live under Budget in Mumbai

4 Astounding Tips to Live under Budget in Mumbai

Mumbai is widely acknowledged and appreciated as the financial capital of India. The city is an integration of historic architectural buildings and modern infrastructures. Land of Mumbai is a captivating junction for countless reasons such as – career opportunities, tourism, a well-structured education system, lifestyle, etc. The city is home to more than 20 million people and the numbers are drastically increasing every year. The sharp increase in the population of Mumbai is because of migrants, which furthermore adds concern to the availability of rented spaces. 

Needless to say, high economy index and large requirement of housing is resulting in the expensive living in Mumbai. Even if many people are interested in moving to the city, half of them would step down knowing the basic living crosses their budget. Here are the 4 astounding tips to all the people who are finding ways to live under budget in Mumbai – 

  1. PG in Mumbai
    Living in a paying guest house is one of the affordable and feasible options in an expensive city like this one. The best part about living in a PG in Mumbai is that all the required amenities are provided under a fixed monthly rent. You may come across many Paying guest accommodations with all the basic and luxurious facilities such as – Beds, television, table, chair, sofa, washing machine, refrigerator, etc. On top of it, you will be benefited from services such as – cleaning and provision of food. Talking about any other mode of living, it will burn your pockets. Be it an apartment or independent house, incorporating all the necessities of living and giving a high amount of rent on the top of everything will leave you financially questionable. Pg accommodations are in trend for some time now and the reason behind is affordable living to students and bachelors. The foremost step to living under a budget is to switch to an affordable house.

  2. Choose the Location Wisely
    Mumbai is distributed in many areas and every location has its own value. From slums, chawls till apartments and luxurious bungalows, you will find various modes of living. Having your lifestyle according to the budget will require you to focus on the type of area you live in. The more you move towards the luxurious places, the more astonished the rental and property prices will leave you. Most of the middle- class people are left in such a situation that they neither can settle in the chawls nor afford the high-rise apartment rents.

    PG in Andheri east is one of the best ways to deal with such a dilemma. This mode of living is available in whichever area you are searching for. One such benefit of these types of rented houses is the proximity to your priority location. Some of the best and affordable neighborhoods in Mumbai are as follows – 

    – Borivali
    – Chembur
    – Powai
    – Thane
    – Andheri West

    In addition to the above-mentioned locations, you can find affordable and luxurious PG in Andheri east. The locality is the prime residential area which is further well connected with the railway lines. Andheri East is surrounded by sophisticated restaurants, international brand shops, malls, prestigious institutes, and much more. The neighborhood is a renowned spot for Bollywood celebrities as well. Renting out a pg in Andheri east will cost you around 8000 INR to 14,000 INR monthly. Conduct in-depth research on the localities which are suitable to you because your rent will vary in accordance with it. Although, you always have an option to live in reasonably rented houses by switching to an economical location.

  3. Regular Commute
    In crowded cities such as – Mumbai, commuting daily can be a challenge. To overcome such hurdles, local trains, buses, autos, rickshaws are available. Not only these modes of transportations are cheap but effective when one has to reach in time. Residents usually do not trust to travel by their own vehicle or cabs because of the traffic and costs. Mumbai is famous for local trains and half of the population relies on it. If you are living in a pg in Andheri east, the railway lines won’t be far away to catch. It is spread wide across the city, so no matter where you go, just buy the ticket and be ready to face some crowd on the ride. By taking a cheap mode of commute, you will be able to save a lot at the end of the month. 

  4. Affordable Sources of Entertainment
    After practically having an exhausting week, all of us wish to find some source of entertainment to get away with the stress of the weekend. Mumbai has a lot to offer when it comes to entertaining its citizens. Especially when you are wondering, where to shop, eat and enjoy in a budget constraint, the city will surprise you. Following are some of the affordable weekend getaways which you can acknowledge to lower down your monthly expenditures –

    – Street shopping in Colaba causeway, Hindmata Market, linking road, Lokhandwala, etc.

    – If you are a foodie, you can go to the inexpensive restaurants to relish your taste buds. Some of the options are – Snickerdoodle, Café Java, Tea trails, Sweet castle, Bell peppers, etc. The list is endless, but these are a few good options that are worth a try.

    – Mumbai city is wide awake 24 by 7, and so there are many places where you can enjoy the nightlife. You can visit places such as – Juhu Chowpatty, Worli sea face, night clubs, marine drive, attend live music events, etc.

    – From cheap jewelry, footwear to the first copy of clothes and accessories, everything is available.
    Even having fun can be affordable in Mumbai if you are aware of the right places.


In conclusion, if you live as a PG in Andheri east and follow all the above steps to minimize your expenditure, you can survive under budget. By adapting these steps, you won’t be killing your lifestyle. You will end up replacing some of the choices with the reasonable ones. Follow these tips to survive under the budget crunch.