2Hold couch & laptop table lets you work and relax by simply changing the height

Do more from the comfort of your sofa with the 2Hold couch & laptop table. In fact, this all-in-one gadget is ideal for both work and relaxation—just adjust the height to your comfort level. It’s everything from a laptop, phone, and gadget stand to a snack holder and self-balancing cupholder. Moreover, its lightweight, compact, and modular design makes it easy for you to take with you around the house or to an Airbnb for the weekend. The 4 built-in plastic containers hold your favorite snacks and even a drink as you sit and chill watching your favorite show. Then, the 2 slide-out hangers can hold a game controller, popcorn bag, or napkin. There are even included bag clips to keep your chips in place! Mount a headphone holder accessory to keep your listening device on hand. Finally, don’t worry about stains or spills thanks to the wood’s coating.

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