2 Ways To Fix Dark Mode Not Working in Google Discover App

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Google Discover is home to the latest news based on location and interest, which is found on most Android phones. However, many users have reported text and contrast issues, for both light and dark modes. We also experienced the same and have found some workarounds, in this read we will discuss how to fix the dark mode issue in Google discover. Meanwhile, you can learn to block websites, news sources, or topics in Google Discover Feed.


Methods to Fix Dark Mode Issue in Google Discover Feed

We have had the same irregular text and contrast issue in Google Feed, on Xiaomi and Pixel Phones. This issue can be fixed to an extent by following the below-mentioned methods.

Manually Toggle Between Light and Dark Mode

One way we managed to fix this irregular light and dark mode on Google Discover Feed, on Xiaomi phones, and Pixel 7 series, is to toggle between light and dark theme. Here’s how it can be done:

Switch Mode from Display Settings

We were able to temporarily fix the irregular Google Discover Feed on Xiaomi phones, by fiddling with the dark mode settings of the phone. This should also work on most Android phones. Here’s how it can be done.

1. Go to Settings on your Xiaomi Phone, and navigate to Display.

fix dark mode issue Google discover

2. Under Display Settings, you need to manually switch between light and dark modes.

3. Now, check to see if the discover feed has been fixed for you.

Switch Mode from Accessibility

If the option to switch between dark mode, is not available under the Display Settings, for example, older Pixel phones. In such a case, you can use another method to toggle between dark mode, from Accessibility Settings.

1. Go to Settings on your phone, and navigate to Accessibility.

2. Under Accessibility Menu, tap on Color and Motion.

fix dark mode issue Google discover

3. Here, you need to enable the toggle for Dark Theme.

4. Now, check to see if the discover feed has been fixed for you.

Force Dark Mode

Lastly, you can also force enable dark mode, to fix the irregular text and contrast in the Google Discover feed on your phone. Here’s how to force enable Dark mode from developer options.

1.  Go to Settings on your phone, and search for Developer Options. (You need to enable developer options first by tapping 7 times on the build number on the About phone page)

2. Under Developer Options you need to look for and enable the toggle for Override force dark.

3. After enabling this, check to see if the discover feed has been fixed for you.

Note: The force dark mode feature is for Android testing purposes only, it may or may not work depending on the phone and Android version on your phone.

Use a Different Wallpaper on your Phone

If the issue is still not fixed in your case, then another way to fix this irregular text and contrast in Google feed is to use a different wallpaper. We did the same on our Xiaomi 11T Pro, and Xiaomi 12 Pro, and it did fix the issue for us. You can either use your own custom wallpaper, download one from the web, or pick a wallpaper from the Theme app on MIUI.

Wrapping Up: Google Discover Dark Mode Issue Fixed!

In this read, we discussed multiple ways to fix the irregular text and contrast in Google Discover Feed on any Android Phone. As of now, there’s no permanent fix for it, as Google needs to look into this, but these fixes should work for you. If you found this useful then share it with others. Check out other tips linked below, and stay tuned to GadgetsToUse for more such tech tips, tricks, how-to, and guides.

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