11 Ways a Marketing and Advertising Agency Can Help

11 Ways a Marketing and Advertising Agency Can Help

Marketing and advertising are the backbones of all organizations. Irrespective of the size of the organization or nature of the business, marketing is an essential step for business growth. In a competitive market such as the UAE business landscape, marketing is an essential piece of the puzzle more than once. To retain customer loyalty as well as ensure that business growth is constant, one has to be constantly innovative and unique in their marketing and advertising efforts. 

While many companies do have their internal divisions of marketing and advertising personnel, there are some marked benefits in hiring an external firm for such activities. Let us take a look at how a marketing and advertising agency can help your business grow. 

Market Research

Before you launch any marketing campaign or design any advertisements you must understand your audience thoroughly. A good marketing campaign is a result of extensive market research, customer behavior research, customer experience, and competitor analysis. Getting these done internally can suck many man-hours without any concrete results. An external marketing agency with experience in handling many clients across industries can provide a research-backed strategy about how the marketing and advertising campaign should like it. Good marketing agencies will help you answer important questions like how you differ from the competition, what is your customers’ emotional attachment to your product, and what niche you can expand into, etc. to elevate your business model. 

Expert Knowledge 

Any marketing or advertising agency will have experience of working with different clients. While you may know your product and the related industry well, they can provide expertise in matters relating to customer sentiments. Marketing agencies assist in many different sales areas like packaging, product positioning, customer sentiment, and target audience identification. You will benefit from having an expert panel of marketing and advertising experts for your product. These ensure that your product or business model is received well in the market so that you can concentrate on the product and business growth rather than marketing related issues. 

Fresh Perspective 

Marketing and advertising agencies are external firms and are not bound by any rules to toe the company line. This can prove to be a game-changer for your business growth efforts. You will receive honest, fresh, and unbiased feedback on all your product ideas helping you get a glimpse of an outsider opinion. They will also provide a fresh perspective on your planned marketing campaigns so that you have diverse opinions before going ahead with any project. 

Digital Presence

The first step in creating a marketing and advertising funnel is to have an established digital presence. No matter what product or service you are offering, a good digital presence is half the battle won. Marketing and advertising agencies have dedicated personnel experienced in creating digital aids such as graphics, website design, social media profiles, social media content, and other listing material. These services are hard to source and can go a long way in improving your business growth if done well. A marketing agency offers a package deal that fulfills all your digital presence related requirements. 


An essential part of any product or business launch is branding. Branding provides a unique, relatable, and creative imagination to your company or a particular product. Branding encompasses everything from the product name to logo to other marketing collaterals. Advertising agencies are experts at creating popular brand identities. Based on their market knowledge and core competence, they can elevate the standard of your company in the customers’ minds and make your product irresistible. Creative and high-quality graphic design is the key to a good branding exercise and any leading marketing agency will happily do that for you with ease. 

Campaign Management

This is the most important and crucial reason to hire an external marketing and advertising agency. While an internal team can produce the strategy and materials needed for your marketing and advertising campaign, it is best to hire an external agency for the management, planning, and accountability based reasons. An agency will have defined targets for each campaign and associated accountability as well. Also, an agency will have dedicated experienced personnel to ensure all the processes and campaigns run smoothly without any hassles. To achieve optimum results, an external marketing and advertising agency can coordinate better with other media personnel due to their dedicated role in such things. 

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

SEO is the magic mantra used in any digital marketing and advertising meeting. Search Engine Optimization or SEO is the holy grail that can propel your digital persona to the first page of every search engine and put you in the spotlight for all customers to see. SEO takes a lot of time, money, skill, and effort to achieve the best results. An external marketing and advertising agency will prove helpful as they do this day in and day out for all their clients. With teams dedicated to this purpose, marketing agencies can provide better results than in-house teams. 

Content Strategy

Content marketing is a very popular and effective strategy employed to improve the visibility of any business or brand on the internet. Content strategy involves planning, creating, and promoting different types of content like blogs, articles, promotional content, influencer marketing content, social media posts, podcasts, videos, and much more. To be successful on the internet, you have to do it all and do it consistently as well. In such cases, hiring specialty personnel for each feature or expecting a team member to handle everything can be quite unrealistic. With an advertising and marketing agency, you get a plethora of talent without having to hire or train each person. This can work wonders for your business. 


Again, marketing is nothing without advertising and vice versa. You have to advertise to enable customers to know you and to sell your products/services. But how do you do that? What should be the media? What should be the frequency? All of these questions are crucial to the success of any advertisement. A marketing and advertising agency can help you answer all this and bring a lot of their expert knowledge to the table as well. Agencies are also known to have contacts in a lot of these media platforms and can help you secure good prices for your campaigns. 


Even though you have marketing campaigns running and many advertisements are out regularly, you can also go a step ahead in promoting your products. Striking partnership deals with retail outlets, influencers, and other vendors to promote your products is a good way to ensure a bigger reach for your business. Seeking out people in these fields, striking partnerships, finalizing deals, and managing these contacts can be quite taxing. Marketing and advertising agencies have standing relationships with many of the notable names involved in such activities so it will be easy for them to connect you and begin the process right away. 


So you have done everything right from market research to graphic design to digital marketing. Now what? The process does not end here. You have to regularly go back and check the feedback on all your campaigns. Collecting feedback from different partners such as vendors, managers, and customers via online and offline methods prove crucial in understanding product reach and market sentiment. Marketing agencies work on this and provide updates so that the current campaign can be modified and future campaigns can be planned accordingly. This helps save money, time, and effort from going to waste and also helps capitalize on positive customer sentiment by launching similar products in the future. 

Final Thoughts

Marketing and advertising agencies are a must-have in today’s competitive world. You need every edge you can get to win the customers’ hearts and keep them with you for a long period. External agencies have proven to be cost-effective, organized, professional, and creative when compared to in-house teams. Hiring an advertising agency can help you explore new methods of marketing and improve your chances of succeeding.