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I’ve personally started nearly a dozen niche websites over the years and currently run 5 websites across different niches. I also teach others how to start, grow, and monetize niche websites and have helped nearly 1,000 people start new niche sites.

Surprisingly, with all of this experience in the field, I still haven’t written a post about this on the blog or written a guest post on another blog about it! So here it goes. Here’s a list of 101 niche site ideas that can earn money in 2023.

What is a Niche Website?

A niche website is any site or blog that caters to a specific audience or focuses on a specific topic. It can be about any topic including travel, health, technology, cooking, the outdoors, or even more obscure niches. What makes a website a “niche website” is the specificity and focus on the exact topic it covers.

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The difference between a niche site and an authority site is that typically niche sites are smaller and are heavily content-focused, while an authority site is more brand-focused.

While some bloggers create a distinction between a “niche site” and an “authority site” I believe that all websites should be built with the authority site mentality, meaning you will create a brand around the website and make it as useful as possible so your readers will keep returning.

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101 Niche Website Ideas

I know, 101 is a lot of niche website ideas, but as someone who has started many niche websites, I know the importance of starting a niche site about something you’re passionate about. It’s one of the many reasons why starting a blog is a great idea.

I hope that by listing 101 niche site ideas, you’ll have a better chance of getting inspired by the list to start a website or blog around your passion.

In the list below, I’ve separated the niche site ideas into 10 categories. Under each category, I’ve listed the niche idea, as well as some website name ideas and a monetization strategy for each so that you have an idea of how each site might earn an income.

Please note that each of the niche website name ideas is just to give you some inspiration for what words you might use in your own name. The names listed may be taken by the time you read this post, but you can still use them to get inspired.

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Arts & Crafts Niche Site Ideas

Do you love staying at home and being creative? These niche site ideas will be perfect for you. Keeping those creative juices flowing is not just good for online business, it’s good for the soul.

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1. Knitting & Crocheting

This is a fun home hobby that’s actually increasing in popularity in recent years. Not only that but this is a pretty easy website to monetize with a significant amount of search traffic.

A photo of a woman crocheting up close.

EmptyEasel.com is a great example of a successful Knitting & Crocheting niche site that is monetized on AdThrive and has some great and inspiring content.

Knitting & Crocheting Website Name Ideas

  1. Stitched Together
  2. Yarn Haven
  3. Knit and Purl Hub
  4. Crochet Corner
  5. Needle in a Haystack

Monetization Strategy

  • Online courses: Create and sell online courses on knitting and crocheting techniques, patterns, and projects.
  • Digital products: Sell digital products such as patterns, eBooks, and printables related to knitting and crocheting.
  • Sponsored content: Work with brands that are relevant to the niche and offer sponsored content opportunities such as product reviews or sponsored posts.
  • Membership site: Create a membership site where members can access exclusive patterns, tutorials, and other resources related to knitting and crocheting for a monthly or annual fee.
  • Affiliate Marketing: Affiliate marketing is when you recommend a product or service to your readers and if they click your links and make a purchase, you automatically earn a commission. There are some great knitting and crocheting affiliate programs including Amazon Associates, Etsy, Knit Picks, and LoveCrafts.

2. Painting & Drawing

As someone who loves doodling, I’ve often dreamt of starting up a doodling, painting, and drawing niche site. The monetization strategy for this might not be as easy as on a knitting and crocheting blog, but you could still have a lot of fun teaching people to paint and draw and maybe selling courses and ebooks on the best artistic techniques.

Painting & Drawing Website Name Ideas

  1. Brushstroke Genius
  2. Artful Mastery
  3. Creative Canvas
  4. Drawn to Color
  5. Painted Perfection

Monetization Strategy

  • Original artwork: Sell your own original artwork through your website. You can create a portfolio of your work and showcase it on your website, and allow customers to purchase directly from you.
  • Art workshops: Host online art workshops where you teach participants about specific painting and drawing techniques or mediums.
  • Art prints: Sell prints of your artwork or prints of famous paintings through your website.
  • Art supplies subscription box: Create a monthly subscription box service that delivers a selection of art supplies to customers each month.
  • Art auctions: Host art auctions on your website where buyers can bid on original artwork. This could be a great way to create buzz and build a community around your site.
  • Affiliate Marketing: There are plenty of great affiliate programs in this niche including Amazon Associates, Blick Art Materials Affiliate Program, Jerry’s Artarama Affiliate Program, Creativebug Affiliate Program, and Jackson’s Art Supplies Affiliate Program.

3. Jewelry Making

We’ve done a lot of jewelry-making classes over the years and they are a lot of fun. If you’re an expert in jewelry making, or you are just super passionate about it, then this could be a great niche site idea for you and a great way to earn some money from home as a side hustle.

Jewelry Making Website Name Ideas

  1. AdornedArtisan.com
  2. JewelCraftersHub.com
  3. HandmadeJewelryHQ.com
  4. BeadedBeautyBlog.com
  5. PreciousMetalMakers.com

Monetization Strategy

  • Sponsored content: Work with jewelry companies to create sponsored blog posts, videos, and social media content that highlights their products and services.
  • Online courses and tutorials: Create and sell your own online courses and tutorials on jewelry making techniques, design, and entrepreneurship.
  • Paid memberships: Offer exclusive content, discounts, and access to a community of fellow jewelry makers for a recurring fee.
  • E-commerce: Sell your own handmade jewelry, jewelry-making supplies, and tools directly on your website.
  • Affiliate marketing: Partner with jewelry supply companies, online marketplaces like Etsy, and courses on jewelry making to earn a commission on sales generated through your affiliate links with programs like Rio Grande, Fire Mountain Gems, Amazon Associates, and Beadaholique.

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4. Sewing and Embroidery

People who are into sewing and embroidery love to read about it online and are always looking for new products to purchase, making this the perfect niche to help those passionate about this hobby, while also earning some decent money through affiliate programs.

Sewing & Embroidery Website Name Ideas

  1. Thread & Stitch
  2. The Sewing Circle
  3. Embroidery Avenue
  4. Stitched Together
  5. Needle & Thread Co.

Monetization Strategy

  • Sell digital sewing and embroidery patterns: Create unique and high-quality patterns for sewing and embroidery and sell them as digital downloads on your website. You can offer a variety of patterns for different skill levels and styles to cater to a wide audience.
  • Partner with fabric and thread manufacturers: Collaborate with manufacturers of high-quality fabrics and threads and offer your audience exclusive discounts and deals on their products. This can be a win-win situation for both you and the manufacturers, as they get more exposure and you earn a commission on each sale.
  • Offer online sewing and embroidery classes: Create a series of online classes or tutorials that teach various techniques and skills related to sewing and embroidery. You can offer these classes for a fee, or provide them for free and monetize them with ads or sponsorships.
  • Sell handmade items: If you’re skilled at sewing and embroidery, you can create and sell handmade items such as clothing, home decor, or accessories on your website. This can be a great way to showcase your skills and earn money from your hobby.
  • Advertise local sewing and embroidery classes: Partner with local sewing and embroidery stores or instructors and offer to advertise their classes on your website. You can earn a commission on each sign-up or charge a fee for the advertising space. This can be a great way to support your local community while monetizing your website.
  • Affiliate Marketing: There are some good commissions available through affiliate programs in the sewing and embroidery niche like Joann, Sewing Machines Plus, Sulky, Fat Quarter Shop, and of course, Amazon Associates.

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5. Scrapbooking

Are you someone who loves scrapbooking and keeping records of your memories and sharing them through this crafty medium? Have you ever considered helping others to learn how to create better scrapbooks?

When we first started traveling, Dariece and I loved to come home and start making our own scrapbooks of our journeys, complete with ticket stubs, photos, stamps, coins, and memorabilia.

This is a very popular niche with a surprising number of affiliates and unique ways for monetization.

Scrapbooking Website Name Ideas

  1. Cut and Paste Memories (cutandpastememories.com)
  2. The Scrapbook Chronicles (thescrapbookchronicles.com)
  3. Memory Lane Mementos (memorylanemementos.com)
  4. Scrapbook Stories (scrapbookstories.com)
  5. The Paper Pile (thepaperpile.com)

Monetization Strategy

  • Scrapbook kit subscription service: You could create your own scrapbooking kits with things like themed paper, stickers, markers, glue, and other supplies that your subscribers and readers could use to create their own scrapbooks.
  • Personalized scrapbook design service: Offer a personalized service that allows customers to send in their photos and receive a fully designed scrapbook layout in the mail and a digital copy by email, complete with custom page elements and embellishments.
  • Digital scrapbooking supplies: Create and sell digital scrapbooking kits that are like templates that customers can purchase and download to use in their own scrapbooking projects.
  • Online scrapbook classes: Be a teacher of scrapbooks! Create online scrapbook courses and workshops where your readers can learn new scrapbooking techniques and create their own projects. You could charge for individual classes, create a one-time downloadable course on Teachable or Skillshare, or offer a subscription service for access to all classes.
  • Scrapbook retreats: Why not host a weekend (or even a week-long) scrapbooking retreat where your readers could meet you for a period of time and make scrapbooks with you? You could teach them new techniques, and socialize with other scrapbookers. You could then charge them for admission, lodging, and meals.

6. Woodworking

Woodworking is a skill that is not only extremely valuable, but it’s one of those insanely satisfying things to watch on video, lending this niche very well to be a multimedia business with a blog, photos, how-to’s, and of course, YouTube videos.

Woodworking Website Name Ideas

  1. Sawdust & Splinters
  2. Woodworkers Workshop
  3. Crafted with Care
  4. The Woodsmith’s Corner
  5. Timber Craft Times

Monetization Strategy

  • Sell digital woodworking plans: Create easy-to-follow woodworking plans for different projects, such as furniture, wall-designs, or home decor, and sell them on your website.
  • Partner with woodworking tool manufacturers: Partner with tool manufacturers and promote their products on your website through reviews, unboxing videos, and tutorials. You can also negotiate special discounts for your audience and earn a commission on each sale.
  • Offer woodworking courses: Create online courses and workshops on different aspects of woodworking, such as beginner techniques, advanced joinery, or furniture design. Charge a fee for enrollment and include a private group where your students can share the work they created in your course (great for testimonials on your sales pages).
  • Sell handmade woodworking products: Use your woodworking skills to create handmade products such as cutting boards, picture frames, wall art, or furniture, and sell them on your website. You can also offer custom-made items catered to specific audience members for an additional fee.
  • Create a woodworking membership site: Offer premium content and resources to your audience through a membership program. This can include exclusive videos, tutorials, and access to a community of like-minded woodworkers. Charge a monthly or yearly fee for membership. For this you can use Teachable, MemberPress, or MemberMouse.

7. Pottery and Ceramics

Get your Ghost on with a niche blog about creating beautiful ceramics and pottery. This is another one of those ultra-satisfying hobbies to watch on video, so be sure to start a YouTube channel in this niche.

Pottery and Ceramics Website Name Ideas

  1. Clay Crafters Co.
  2. Artisan Pottery Studio
  3. Mud & Wheel
  4. Fire & Earth Pottery
  5. Ceramics Corner

Monetization Strategy

  • Online Ceramics Course: Offer an online ceramics course or workshop for beginners or more advanced potters. You can monetize the course by charging a fee for access to the content and offer personalized feedback through a private Facebook group for an additional fee.
  • Ceramic Supplies Store: Start an online store selling ceramic supplies, such as glazes, tools, and clay. You can also sell finished ceramic products made by yourself or other artists. This can be done on your own website or through Etsy.
  • Kiln Rental: If you have access to a kiln, you can offer kiln rental services to potters who don’t have their own kiln. Of course, this will be very localized so to really scale this you may have to get other owners of kilns to join the program and charge them a commission for every rental customer you refer to them.
  • Ceramic Studio Rental: Rent out your ceramic studio to other potters who need a space to work. Charge an hourly or daily rate for the use of your space and equipment. Again, this one is localized so you may have to get other studio owners on board to scale this nationally.
  • Ceramic Art Auctions: Host online auctions for unique and high-end ceramic art pieces made by yourself or other artists. You could even offer this as part of your course so that your students might have a chance to earn some money selling their art in these auctions. Take a percentage of the final sale price as your commission.

8. Calligraphy and Hand Lettering

While there won’t be as many products that you can sell or be an affiliate for in this niche, this is a highly skilled hobby and you could easily create super useful online courses and sell your tutorials and templates to your audience through your blog, email list, and video channels.

Calligraphy and Hand Lettering Website Name Ideas

  1. The Artful Quill
  2. Flourish & Script
  3. Lettering Lane
  4. Inkwell Calligraphy
  5. Handwritten Haven

Monetization Strategy

  • Custom Calligraphy Products: Offer custom calligraphy services such as wedding invitations, envelopes, certificates, and logos.
  • Calligraphy Workshops: Host calligraphy and hand lettering workshops and charge a fee for participation. You can also offer online workshops for people who cannot attend in person.
  • Sell Calligraphy Supplies: Sell calligraphy supplies such as nibs, inks, papers, and brushes on your website. You can also include kits for beginners or specific projects.
  • E-Books and Tutorials: Write and sell e-books and online tutorials on various topics such as lettering techniques, design principles, and brush lettering.
  • Commissioned Artwork: Offer commissioned artwork such as personalized quotes, song lyrics, or wedding vows in calligraphy or hand lettering. You could sell these in an online store, a studio, or in an online auction. You can market your service to individuals, small businesses, and events.
  • Affiliate Marketing: Yes this is another artistic niche that has some great affiliate programs where you can earn a commission by helping your readers choose calligraphy supplies. Try Amazon Associates, Tombow USA, Blick, Paper Source, and My Beloved Calligraphy.

9. Quilting

Quilting is another one of those once-forgotten arts that have been making a massive comeback in recent years. The good news for potential website owners in this space is that there are plenty of people searching on Google about this topic and hardcore quilters are always buying new supplies online.

Quilting Website Name Ideas

  1. QuiltVille
  2. Stitched Together
  3. Quilted Comforts
  4. The Quilt Nest
  5. Pieceful Patchwork

Monetization Strategy

  • Sell patterns and designs: You can create and sell your own patterns and designs to other quilters who are looking for new inspiration and ideas including templates and stitch-by-numbers.
  • Offer online quilting courses: You can offer online or in-person quilting courses to beginners and more advanced quilters, charging a fee for access.
  • Sell quilting supplies: You can sell quilting supplies such as fabric, thread, needles, and other materials to your audience. You could even have your course students submit their quilts for sale in your marketplace or sell directly to your students as well.
  • Create and sell finished quilts: You can create and sell finished quilts, either by commission or through an online store like Etsy.
  • Affiliate marketing: You can promote quilting-related products and earn a commission on sales through affiliate programs such as Fat Quarter Shop, Joann, Craftsy, Connecting Threads, and AccuQuilt.

10. Candle Making

Another artsy at-home hobby niche with a cult-like following that is growing every year. A couple of our friends actually own a small candle-making business and they love it.

A woman in a lab coat makes candles in her kitchen for her candle making niche site

This is a great niche that requires constant restocking of supplies, a decent amount of skill and has plenty of opportunity for in-person training, e-courses, and affiliate marketing.

Candle Making Website Name Ideas

  1. Wax & Wicks
  2. The Candle Coop
  3. Light Up Life
  4. Common Candle Crafters
  5. Aroma Avenue Co.

Monetization Strategy

  • Candle-making kits: Create and sell candle-making kits with all the necessary supplies like wax, wicks, and instructions for customers to make their own candles at home.
  • Subscription boxes: Offer monthly subscription boxes with new scents and candle-making supplies, giving customers a chance to try new products and techniques. Make it fun for the whole family with adult and kids kits sold as a family pack.
  • Custom candles: Offer a custom candle-making service where customers can choose their own scents, colors, and designs to create a truly unique candle. Better yet, you could send out scent palettes and your readers could mix and match scents and order the custom-smelling wax.
  • Wholesale: Sell candles wholesale to retail stores, spas, hotels, and other businesses. This is part of our friends’ business that we talked about above and it’s one of the most scalable/profitable options.
  • Candle-making classes: Offer in-person or online classes on candle-making techniques and tips, charging a fee for attendance. You could also sell a pre-recorded course in this space that could do quite well.

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Outdoor Activities Niche Site Ideas

This is a fast-growing industry that has plenty of excellent affiliate programs, lots of pricey gear to sell, and plenty of opportunities for monetization and audience growth through online courses, sharing of techniques, and inspiring photo and video content.

11. Hiking and Backpacking

We’ve always considered starting a site that focuses more on hiking, trekking, and backpacking specifically. I would say for this particular topic, the niche is already pretty saturated.

I would consider “niching this down” and making it more focused by keeping it to a specific country, province, state, or even city.

For example a website about hiking in Boulder Colorado, or taking it even further and making it a site about hiking unmarked mountain trails in Boulder Colorado.

Hiking and Backpacking Website Name Ideas

  1. Summit Seeker
  2. Trail Treader
  3. Trekker’s Trailhead
  4. Peak Pursuit
  5. Backpacker’s Bliss

Monetization Strategy

  1. Sponsored content and reviews: You can work with brands in the outdoor space to create sponsored content or reviews for their products. This can be in the form of blog posts, videos, or social media posts. We’ve personally worked with backpack brands, shoe brands, hiking pants companies and more and it’s a great industry to find sponsors.
  2. Outdoor gear rentals: You can partner with a local outdoor gear rental company and offer your website visitors the ability to rent hiking and backpacking gear directly from your site.
  3. Digital product sales: You can create and sell digital products such as hiking and backpacking online courses, custom maps, or instructional / safety videos. You could also plot your own hiking routes and sell the trailhead waypoints downloadable on AllTrails.
  4. Affiliate marketing: You can promote hiking and backpacking gear through affiliate marketing. This involves recommending products to your audience and earning a commission on any sales made through your unique affiliate link on programs like REI, Backcountry, Moosejaw, Cotopaxi, Patagonia, AllTrails, and Amazon Associates.
  5. Membership site: You can offer a membership site that provides exclusive access to premium content such as expert advice, trip-planning tools, safety videos, private meet-ups, trail maps, and discounts on outdoor gear.

12. Camping and RV Living

We almost jumped on the van life bandwagon during the lockdowns. We rented our own campervan, made some videos and thought about what a fun niche this would be to have a website about.

For this one, perhaps more than any other on this list, you’ll have to be original. Simply making a van life blog is not going to cut it. I would narrow it down to van life in a specific state, like Van Life Wyoming, a budget level, like Luxury Van Life or Budget Van Life, or a pets and van life or family and van life niche.

You’ll need to carve out a niche within this niche for sure as it’s so saturated now.

Camping and RV Living Website Name Ideas

  1. The Open Road Outpost
  2. Campfire Chronicles
  3. Rolling Home Adventures
  4. Wanderlust Wheels
  5. The Happy Camper’s Haven

Monetization Strategy

  1. Campground Directory: Create a directory of campgrounds and RV parks, and charge a fee for campgrounds to be listed on your site. Offer featured listings for an additional fee.
  2. Gear Rentals: Rent out camping and RV gear on your website, or partner with a gear rental company to offer exclusive discounts to your audience.
  3. Local Guides: Create downloadable local guides to camping destinations, including information on nearby restaurants, activities, and attractions. Sell these guides on your website or offer them as a freebie for subscribing to your email list.
  4. Sponsored Content: Partner with camping and RV brands to create sponsored content such as reviews, tutorials, and guides. Charge a fee for sponsored content placement on your website and social media channels.
  5. Affiliate Marketing: Promote camping and RV-related products on your website through affiliate marketing. Some examples of affiliate programs for this niche include REI, Cabelas, Outdoorsy, Wal-Mart, Target, Amazon Associates, and Camp Saver.

13. Kayaking and Canoeing

Perfect for those whitewater enthusiasts who have always wanted to start a business around their passion, Kayaking and Canoeing is a great niche website idea because there’s plenty of high search volume topics you can cover and the products needed in this industry are not cheap.

Kayaking and Canoeing Website Name Ideas

  1. Paddle Quest
  2. River Odyssey
  3. Kayak Frontier
  4. Canoe Chronicles
  5. Float Life

Monetization Strategy

  1. Sponsored content and product reviews: You can partner with kayak and canoeing gear manufacturers to create sponsored content, reviews, videos, and tutorials.
  2. Online store: Create an online store where you can sell kayaking and canoeing gear, such as kayaks, canoes, paddles, life jackets, picnic items, first-aid kits, dry bags, and much more. You can also sell accessories like waterproof phone cases, sunglasses, and sunscreen.
  3. Kayak and canoe rental service: If you live near a popular kayaking or canoeing destination, you can offer a rental service. You can rent out kayaks, canoes, paddles, and other gear to tourists and locals. You can charge hourly, daily, or weekly rates and post all of this for reservation directly on your website.
  4. Guided tours and lessons: If you are a certified kayaker or canoeist, you can offer guided tours and lessons to beginners. This can be a great way to share your knowledge and passion for the sport, while also helping others to stay safe on the water. As an added bonus, you’ll be earning money.
  5. Affiliate marketing: You can partner with kayaking and canoeing gear manufacturers and retailers to promote their products on your website. You can earn a commission for every sale made through your unique affiliate link. Some potential affiliate programs include Amazon Associates, Target, Wal-Mart, REI, Outdoor Play, and Austin Kayak Tours.

14. Rock Climbing

I’m guessing that if you’re the kind of person who can handle the stress of hanging from the side of a cliff by a rope, then you’ll probably be able to handle the ups and downs of being a blog entrepreneur.

Luckily this is a growing niche worldwide and it has plenty of great products to monetize with through direct sales and affiliates, as well as an online e-course market that’s ripe for the taking.

Rock Climbing Website Name Ideas

  1. Summit Squad
  2. Grip & Grin
  3. Crux Crew
  4. Boulder Bandits
  5. Climb Culture

Monetization Strategy

  • Online courses and training programs: Offer premium online courses and training programs for aspiring climbers, helping them with important aspects of climbing like technique, safety, and equipment.
  • Gear rentals and sales: Rent out or sell high-quality climbing gear and equipment to your audience on your climbing niche site.
  • Climbing trips and expeditions: Organize and lead guided climbing trips and expeditions to popular climbing destinations, providing a unique and unforgettable experience for your audience. You could sell them on your own site or through online tour marketplaces like Viator and GetYourGuide.
  • Advertising for climbing gyms and companies: Offer sponsored content and advertising opportunities like on-page ads for climbing gyms and companies, providing exposure and promotion to a highly targeted audience.
  • Affiliate marketing with climbing gear companies: Partner with popular climbing gear companies and promote their products on your website, earning commissions on any sales generated through your audience when they click your referral links. Some examples of affiliate programs in the climbing industry include Amazon Associates, Dick’s Sporting Goods, REI, YETI, and Black Diamond.

15. Birdwatching

While we’ve never joined a tour or went to a destination specifically for birdwatching, we’ve been on many experiences that included some birdwatching and with it, came a few official “bird watchers” who came along.

I have to say from meeting birdwatchers in person and having a few friends who enjoy this hobby, it’s a pastime that people can get pretty passionate about.

The blog almost writes itself with one section being a detailed encyclopedia of species, with another section dedicated to birdwatching gear, and finally, another section about the best bird watching destinations around the world.

Birdwatching Website Name Ideas

  1. BirdScope
  2. Feathered Friends Club
  3. The Avian Observer
  4. Birding Adventures
  5. Winged Wonders

Monetization Strategy

  • Membership program: Create a premium membership program that provides access to exclusive content, early birding alerts, member-only online events, and other perks.
  • Birdwatching tours: Organize and lead birdwatching tours in different locations, and offer birders a unique experience while also generating income.
  • Photography prints and products: Birdwatchers tend to love photos of birds. Sell high-quality prints of bird photos, as well as bird-themed products such as mugs, t-shirts, and calendars through online marketplaces like Etsy and Shopify.
  • Birding gear reviews: Write in-depth reviews of binoculars, spotting scopes, cameras, and other gear used in birdwatching, and monetize through affiliate programs or through sponsors. Just be sure to disclose if you’re working with a sponsor for a review and let the sponsor know that your opinions will always be genuine regardless of any payment of gear offered.
  • Birdwatching ebooks and guides: Curate a list of recommended books and guides for birdwatchers, and generate income through affiliate marketing. Or you could create your own ebook that includes the best birdwatching gear, destinations, and must-find species.
  • Affiliate Marketing: For this niche, I’d go for the gear, but also birdwatching tours around the world. Good affiliates for this include Amazon Associates, GetYourGuide, Viator, Birds & Blooms Magazine, Optics Planet, Cabelas, and REI.

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16. Hunting

I just recently went hunting for the first time in my life with my older brother and there are a couple of things I learned.

First, hunters are extremely passionate about the sport and there is a serious hunting community online. And secondly, there’s almost a never ending amount of learning involved within this niche, which is great for creating a super useful and in-depth website.

On top of that, the monetization opportunities go on and on. From gun affiliates to outdoor gear sponsors, recipes, and how-to courses, you could run a site like this for decades and never run out of great, highly-searched content.

Hunting Website Name Ideas

  1. Hunter’s Hub
  2. Hunt Masters Hinterland
  3. Wild Pursuit
  4. Sustainable Hunting Lodge
  5. Stealth Hunters Handbook

Monetization Strategy

  • Selling hunting gear and equipment: A hunting website can sell hunting gear and equipment, such as rifles, scopes, camouflage clothing, ammunition, and other hunting accessories.
  • Hunting tours and guides: The website can offer guided hunting tours or team up with hunting guides to offer personalized tours for visitors. This can include guided hunts for various types of game, including big game, small game, and waterfowl.
  • Hunting events and contests: The website can organize hunting events, such as competitions, seminars, and workshops, where participants can learn new hunting techniques and strategies.
  • Advertisements and sponsored content: Hunting websites can earn revenue through advertisements and sponsored content. Hunting equipment companies and outdoor retailers can sponsor blog posts or articles on the website, or place advertisements on the site.
  • Affiliate marketing: Hunting websites and blogs can earn a commission by promoting hunting products and services through affiliate marketing. Affiliate programs can include hunting gear and equipment, hunting clothing, and hunting guide services. Some popular affiliate programs for hunting websites include Cabela’s, Bass Pro Shops, and Sportsman’s Warehouse. There are also some great hunting tours that you could promote on GetYourGuide.

17. Gardening and Landscaping

I’m considering starting a gardening and landscaping blog, or at least an at-home or backyard hobby blog. But first… I need to learn not to kill every plant I own.

All jokes aside, this is a massive and massively broad niche. You’d need to narrow it down to specific types of gardening like vegetable gardening, herb gardening, vertical gardening, urban gardening, etc. Or for climates, like gardening in desert climates like Arizona, or tropical climates like Florida, etc.

Gardening and Landscaping Website Name Ideas

  1. GrowGreen Network
  2. GardenVitality Girl
  3. The Landscape Loopholes
  4. PlantWise Garden House
  5. EarthScaping For Newbies

Monetization Strategy

  • Create and sell digital courses and products: Offer digital products like garden planning tools, landscaping design guides, and how-to eBooks on planting, common pests, and maintenance. These can be sold through your website or through third-party platforms like Etsy or Gumroad or run a pre-recorded course on Teachable.
  • Offer consulting services: There are plenty of people like me who don’t have a green thumb to save their lives. Share your expertise by offering consulting services to help people plan and design their gardens and landscapes. You can offer personalized advice on plant selection, garden layout, and other landscaping aspects.
  • Sell gardening and landscaping tools and supplies: Consider opening an online store to sell self-branded gardening and landscaping tools, supplies, and accessories like garden hoses, shovels, soil, seeds, and fertilizers. You could also sell funny t-shirts with sayings for gardeners.
  • Host workshops and webinars: Offer workshops and online webinars on gardening and landscaping topics. This can include anything from plant identification and care to pest control, landscaping design, watering, and construction.
  • Affiliate marketing: This niche is ripe for affiliate marketing. Some examples of affiliate programs for this niche include Home Depot, Lowe’s, Target, and Gardeners.com.

18. Biking

I actually have a good friend who runs a cycling blog and it does quite well. He is able to earn a decent income for the site through sponsored content and affiliates, but this is really a side hustle for him.

A man cycles at sunset in a grassy field.

If you were to take this niche seriously it could do extremely well with online courses, cycle trips, and more affiliate marketing being the main monetization methods I’d focus on.

Biking Website Name Ideas

  1. Bike Trekkers Anonymous
  2. CycleCraze
  3. Freewheeling Adventures
  4. PedalPals Pro
  5. SpokeSpinners

Monetization Strategy

  • Online courses and tutorials: Offer online courses and how-to tutorials on different cycling techniques, maintenance, and repair. You can charge a fee for the courses or offer them for free and monetize them through advertising. You could even have mini-courses on how to fix or upgrade parts of your bike and sell each video for a very small fee.
  • Membership program: Create a membership program that gives exclusive access to premium content, discounts on biking gear, first dibs on bike tours, a cycling podcast and other perks. You can charge a monthly or yearly fee for membership.
  • Sponsored bike tours: Partner with travel agencies and organize sponsored bike tours. Or you can join GetYourGuide and create your own bike tour in your hometown. You can charge a fee for the tours and earn a commission from the travel agency, or hire bike tour guides in your area to scale the tour business out while promoting it on your website.
  • Product reviews and affiliate marketing: Review different biking gear and accessories, and include affiliate links to purchase them. My friend’s bike blog did quite well from this. Affiliate programs include REI, Amazon Associates, TrekBikes, Competitive Cyclist, GetYourGuide (for tours), iCan Cycling, and Wiggle.
  • Biking events: Organize biking events such as races, rallies, meet-ups, cycle trips overseas, and local group rides. You can charge a registration fee for the events and earn revenue from sponsors and advertisers. This is also a good way to give to charity as you could give some of the proceeds to a cause of your choice.

19. Surfing and Beach Life

If I didn’t suck so bad at surfing, this would definitely be a niche site I would consider starting. In fact, when I started my last niche site a couple of years ago, I researched this pretty heavily.

I decided against it because I found it hard to find expert surfers who want to spend time writing about surfing online, and I found that there aren’t many products needed for this sport. Just a board really.

Still, if you’re passionate about surfing there are so many ways you could monetize a surf site like online courses, affiliate marketing, tours, and coaching services.

Surfing and Beach Life Website Name Ideas

  1. Summer Swell Haven
  2. Tube Life Society
  3. Wavey Wanderlust
  4. The Board of Bliss
  5. Saltwater Collective Co.

Monetization Strategy

  • Sell customized surfboards and beach accessories: How cool would it be to sell custom surfboard designs, personalized beach towels, and branded water bottles on your site?
  • Create a beach life and surfing magazine: For this, you could feature travel destinations, surfer profiles, surfing events, and beach lifestyle products. The magazine could be online or physical and you could charge subscription.
  • Offer surfing lessons and beach tours: If you live near a beach now (I hope you do if you’re starting a surf blog) you could set up a surf school and provide group lessons and private coaching for beginners, intermediate, and advanced surfers. Alternatively you could create an online course on Teachable that teaches the basics of surfing.
  • Sell surfing and beach life merch: Consider creating your own line of beach life and surfing merch such as T-shirts, hats, and beach bags featuring custom designs or your own website logo.
  • Partner with local businesses and tourist destinations: Build your own surf tours overseas. You could partner with hotels, restaurants, and other local businesses to offer package deals for tourists who want to experience the local surf culture and beach life and sell the experiences on your website or through an online tour company like GetYourGuide or Viator.

Sports and Fitness

The market for sports and fitness blogs and niche sites is pretty saturated so although I start this part of the list with “General Fitness” as a niche site idea, you should really consider narrowing this one down if you’re anywhere in this niche by being more localized or specific to a certain type of sport of fitness training.

20. General Fitness

As someone who tries (and often fails) to workout every day, I’m very familiar with the online fitness influencer world.

Some of the influencers I follow on YouTube, like Pamela Reif and Chris Heria not only have millions of subscribers, but every video gets millions of views because people don’t just watch workout videos once. They return to them 3-7 times per week when they want to workout!

For a blog, this same level of loyalty is in the fitness space and you’ll find your readers will return to your recipes, workouts, gym hacks, and health tips time and time again.

Fitness Website Name Ideas

  1. FitFusion
  2. SweatSociety
  3. IronFitness
  4. ActiveAchieve
  5. Peak Performance

Monetization Strategy

  • Online Training: Offering online one-on-one fitness training services to clients is a great way to monetize a fitness website. This allows you to provide personalized training and nutrition advice to your clients, regardless of where they are in the world.
  • Meal Plans and Recipe Books: Creating and selling meal plans and recipe books that are tailored to different fitness goals can be a lucrative monetization method for a fitness website.
  • Fitness Products: Designing and selling branded fitness products, such as resistance bands, workout clothing, or fitness equipment, is another way to monetize a fitness website. Fitness Products were Tim Ferriss’ first business and he did very well with it.
  • Host Fitness Retreats and Events: Hosting fitness retreats will allow your followers to connect with you and each other in person while also experiencing a fun fitness-related event complete with diet plans, challenges, workouts and socializing.
  • Affiliate Marketing: My favorite monetization method for just about any website or blog. Affiliate programs in the fitness category include Amazon Associates, BeachBody, MyProtein, FitBit, Ace Fitness, and Nike.

21. Yoga and Meditation

Like I said, the niches within the sports and fitness industry are really saturated and this one might be the most popular of all. Make sure you niche down in this one. A yoga blog for pregnant women.

A yoga blog for disabled people or those recovering from injury. These are areas where you could help a large audience while not getting lost in the sea of yoga bloggers.

Yoga and Meditation Website Name Ideas

  1. Serenity Yoga
  2. Mindful Movement
  3. Lotus Yoga
  4. Tranquil Tree Yoga
  5. Om Harmony

Monetization Strategy

  • Online Yoga Classes: This is the real winner for this niche. Offer paid online yoga classes to users, allowing them to take classes from the comfort of their own home.
  • Guided Meditations: Develop and market your own 5, 10, 15, 30, and 60-minute guided meditations and sell them to your audience.
  • Yoga Retreats: Organize and offer yoga retreats to users, with packages that include accommodation, meals, and yoga classes. A lot of people run retreats in popular yoga destinations like Goa, Bali and all over Thailand.
  • Yoga Apparel: Design and sell your own yoga apparel, such as leggings and tops, on an online store on your blog. The gear can have your logo, or cool yoga sayings. These can also be sold on Etsy and Shopify.
  • Online Yoga Teacher Training: Offer online teacher training programs for those who wish to become certified yoga instructors. For this you’ll have to be a certified yoga teacher trainer.

22. Running

Why not consider running a niche website about running? Seriously though, this is another popular outdoor sport that has a massive cult following.

Just be sure to narrow it down to a destination-specific running blog, specific types of running like trail running or mountain running, or keep it super personal about your own running life to separate yourself from all the running blogs.

Running Website Name Ideas

  1. SwiftStride
  2. Endurance Edge
  3. RunZone
  4. FastFoot
  5. DashElite

Monetization Strategy

  • Virtual Coaching: Offer personalized training plans, nutritional advice, technique feedback, and tips through virtual coaching services for runners of all levels.
  • Running Gear Reviews: Create reviews of the latest running gear and equipment, including shoes, apparel, water bottles, and fitness trackers. You can earn revenue by including affiliate links in your reviews (Amazon Associates would do well here) or partnering with companies to provide product reviews.
  • Online Training Programs: Create comprehensive online training programs for runners of all levels. Instead of personalized training for a specific person, you can offer programs for specific races or events, or focus on general training plans for runners looking to improve their overall fitness. This would be applicable to a wider audience than virtual coaching.
  • Running Tours: Offer guided running tours of popular running destinations, such as major marathons, national parks, and scenic trails. You can partner with travel companies to offer all-inclusive packages, or create your own tours to sell to running enthusiasts on marketplaces like GetYourGuide or Viator.
  • Running Events: Host your own running events and meet-ups, such as virtual races, live races using something like Zoom, or a race in your local area. You can generate revenue through sponsorships, registration fees, and merchandise sales at the live event.

23. CrossFit and HIIT

I’m all about HIIT workouts, but I must be one of the few people left who hasn’t tried CrossFit. That shows me that a blog in this niche has the potential to be extremely popular.

Men and women workout in the gym with kettlebells side-by-side

Blogs around fitness are fun and because HIIT workouts are inherently short, if you were to do a blog on this topic I’d recommend combining it with video on YouTube, TikTok, Instagram and just about any platform you can.

CrossFit and HIIT Website Name Ideas

  1. Ignite Fitness
  2. Elite Performance Training
  3. High Intensity Athletics
  4. IronFit Nation
  5. CrossFit Catalyst

Monetization Strategy

  • CrossFit and HIIT Training Programs: Offer online video CrossFit and HIIT training programs for beginners, intermediates, and advanced athletes. You can charge a one-time fee for the program, per short video, or offer a monthly subscription service for ongoing access to the content. This can be done through Teachable, Membermouse or Memberpress.
  • Affiliate Marketing: Promote fitness equipment, supplements, and apparel through affiliate marketing. Affiliate programs include Amazon Associates and REI for gear, or Rogue Fitness, Reebok, or WOD Nation.
  • Online Coaching: Offer online coaching services for CrossFit and HIIT athletes. You can provide personalized coaching, customized workout plans, health regimens, and nutrition advice. This can be done via video calls or through a membership platform like Teachable.
  • Sponsored Content: Partner with fitness brands and influencers to create sponsored content. Just know there are a lot of fitness influencers out there, so you will have to grow quite large to make this work.
  • Online Store: Sell branded merchandise like t-shirts, water bottles, and workout gear on your website. You can use print-on-demand services like Etsy, Shopify, and VistaPrint to minimize inventory costs and ship directly to customers.

24. Pilates

Pilates is still one of the fastest growing crazes in fitness, but now that it’s been around for over a decade, it’s proven its worth and longevity in the space.

There are plenty of Pilates blogs out there, so you’ll have to differentiate yourself with your own personality, or with tailored workouts that are specific to your audience.

Pilates Website Name Ideas

  1. CoreFlow Pilates
  2. Pilates Precision Practice
  3. Balance & Breathe Pilates
  4. Dynamic Pilates Studio
  5. Mindful Movement Pilates

Monetization Strategy

  • Sell Pilates equipment: Consider selling Pilates equipment, such as Pilates mats, balls, and resistance bands, on your website. The gear and apparel could have your logo on it, or cool sayings that are specific to Pilates. Kind of like inside jokes for your audience.
  • Offer online classes: I know I sound like a broken record in the fitness niche site category, but this niche is begging for online courses in your monetization strategy. You can offer online Pilates classes for your readers to purchase. You can create pre-recorded video classes on Teachable, or you can offer live classes that your readers can attend virtually.
  • Affiliate marketing: You can earn commission by promoting Pilates equipment and products from other companies on your website. Amazon Associates will likely be your best friend here.
  • Create and sell eBooks: Create and sell eBooks (we use Canva to create ebooks) on Pilates-related topics, such as Pilates techniques, workouts, or nutrition. You can sell these on Amazon or on your own website using services like E-Junkie.

25. Peloton

The famous cycling exercise made even more famous by the most recent Sex and The City series (for all the wrong reasons), this fitness craze is another one that appears to be here to stay.

Peloton pretty much always requires an instructor, so aside from selling some gear for the exercise, courses and online training will be your best monetization methods here.

As Peloton is a Trademark, you’d have to be a Peloton instructor and actually work directly with Peloton to monetize this. If you made the site more about cycle workouts and not specific to the brand Peloton, you could monetize in more ways.

Peloton Website Name Ideas

  1. SpinNation
  2. TheBikeStudio
  3. PeloRide365
  4. TheCycleCrew
  5. PeloPedalPursuits

Monetization Strategy

  • Refer a Friend: Peloton has a refer a friend program which you could use to promote to your email list from your website. This isn’t a scalable method as you can only get credits for 6 referrals per year.
  • Amazon Gear: Sell Peloton related amazon gear through links on your site.

26. Swimming

This is another vague fitness topic that has plenty of space for more specificity. Like competitive swimming, open water swimming, synchronized swimming, swimming for beginners and children, water polo, etc.

Swimming Website Name Ideas

  1. Splash Zone
  2. SwimStrong
  3. Water Warrior
  4. The Blue Line
  5. Swim Beyond
  6. Poolside Chronicles
  7. SwimSavvy
  8. The Swim Stream

Monetization Strategy

  1. Affiliate Programs: Affiliate marketing for swimming gear and accessories, such as goggles, swim caps, swimsuits, and fins.
  2. Get Sponsored: Sponsored content from swimming brands, such as swimwear companies or swim training tools and equipment providers.
  3. Coach Swim Class: Offering swim coaching services, either in person or online.
  4. Sell a Program: Creating and selling your own swimming workout plans or training programs.
  5. Ads: Selling advertising space on your website to local swimming clubs, swim meets, or swimming events in your area.

27. Dance

This is a great fitness niche with plenty of areas for monetization. Whether you write about ballet, hip hop dance, contemporary, jazz, or ballroom, you’ll have a decent amount of search volume to work with and a large and passionate audience to draw from.

Dance Website Name Ideas

  1. GrooveNation
  2. DanceDiaries
  3. RhythmicSoul
  4. BeatBoutique
  5. FlowFlamenco

Monetization Strategy

  • Sell dancewear and costumes: As a dance blogger, you can partner with companies that specialize in selling dancewear and costumes. You can create a store on your website and promote the products through your blog posts and social media channels.
  • Offer dance classes: If you are a professional dancer, you can offer online dance classes to your readers. You can charge a fee for these classes and offer them in different styles and levels.
  • Promote dance events & meetups: You can partner with event organizers to promote upcoming dance events in your area. You can create blog posts about these events, share them on social media, and even offer discounts to your readers.
  • Create and sell dance music: If you have a background in music production, you can create original dance tracks and sell them on your website. You can also offer royalty-free music for dance videos or performances.
  • Sponsorship and brand partnerships: As your dance blog grows in popularity, you can attract brand partnerships and sponsorships. You can collaborate with dancewear companies, studios, and other relevant brands to create sponsored content or offer discount codes to your readers.

28. Martial Arts

As someone who attended Karate for 8 years as a kid, I am very aware of just how passionate people are about this sport and lifestyle.

With the increasing popularity of MMA and the growing number of crossover workout products that readers can buy online, this is a great niche to get into today.

Martial Arts Website Name Ideas

  1. Strike Master
  2. Combat Chronicle
  3. Warrior’s Journey
  4. Martial Arts Maverick
  5. Kicking Chronicles

Monetization Strategy

  • Sell Martial Arts Gear: You can monetize your website by selling various martial arts gear like uniforms, training equipment, belts, and other accessories either with your own logo and brand, or with cool martial arts quotes and sayings.
  • Online Courses: You can create and sell online courses on various martial arts styles, techniques, and training methods. Consider hosting the courses on Teachable. You can also offer personalized training sessions to clients who want one-on-one coaching.
  • Affiliate Marketing: You can promote various martial arts products and services on your website through affiliate marketing programs. This way, you can earn a commission on every sale made through your referral link.
  • Sell digital products: You can create and sell digital products like ebooks, instructional videos, and mini-technique run-throughs that teach specific martial arts techniques or philosophies. You can also offer personalized coaching or training sessions through video conferencing tools.
  • Membership: Create a paid membership program that offers exclusive access to advanced training materials, personalized coaching, and exclusive events. Consider using Teachable or MemberMouse to add this functionality to your website.

29. Strength Training

If you’re going with the strength training niche, it’s another fitness niche that you’ll want to narrow down, but as someone who follows and researches plenty of fitness blogs and influencers, I know for a fact that strength training is a great niche with a cult-like following.

A photo of a strength training blogger from above while he does a bench press in a dark gym.

Consider strength training for women, for beginners, for post-injury recovery, and combine it with diet, recipes, workout regimes etc. Even better, combine it with specific diets like keto, paleo, veganism, etc., for a truly narrow niche.

Strength Training Website Name Ideas

  1. Iron Forge Fitness
  2. Stronger Every Day
  3. Lift & Learn
  4. Strength Haven
  5. Powerhouse Performance

Monetization Strategy

  • Personalized training programs: Offer personalized training programs that cater to the specific needs and goals of your audience. Charge a premium price for each program.
  • Online coaching: Provide online coaching services to individuals or groups. This would be a far more specialized approach than the above training program. This can include personalized training plans, video calls, progress tracking, and more, specifically catered to an individual or group within your audience.
  • Nutrition plans and supplements: Sell nutrition plans and supplements that complement your training programs. This can include protein powders, energy bars, pre-workout supplements, and more. Recipe ebooks can even do quite well here.
  • Affiliate marketing: Partner with companies that sell strength training equipment or supplements and earn a commission on every sale made through your unique referral link. Some affiliate programs include Rogue Fitness, BodyBuilding.com, TRX Training, and Onnit.
  • Premium content: Offer exclusive content to your audience, such as workout plans, meal plans, and video tutorials, for a monthly subscription fee. You can also offer a one-time payment option for access to all of your premium content.

30. Triathlons

There is a lot of work and research that goes into truly preparing for triathlons and this is where a super useful blog with informational content on preparation, diet and training could be a very popular online resource.

Both my best friend and my father-in-law have run in triathlons and Ironman, so I know just how important proper preparation can be. Not enough so that I would start a blog around the topic, but if you’ve ran triathlons, you will know just how much there is to know about this topic.

Free Blogging Course

Start a blog using our guide and receive my WordPress Beginner Blogger Course and 200-Page Blogging Tips ebook For Free ($199 Value). Already have a blog? Buy the course here.

Triathlons Website Name Ideas

  1. Triathlon Triumph
  2. Endurance Evolution
  3. Multisport Mastery
  4. Ironman Insight
  5. Triathlete Tribe

Monetization Strategy

  • Triathlon Training Plans: Offer personalized training plans for triathletes that can be customized according to their fitness level, goals, and schedule including diet, workout plans, specific workouts etc. Charge a fee for the plans.
  • Affiliate Marketing Through Triathlon Gear Reviews: Review and recommend triathlon-specific gear, such as wetsuits, bikes, shoes, and apparel, to your audience. Monetize by earning affiliate commissions from sales made through your referral links. Affiliate programs for triathlon blogs include MyProtein, Chain Reaction Cycles, Amazon Associates, BlueSeventy, and Speedo.
  • Virtual Triathlon Coaching: Offer virtual coaching services to triathletes who are unable to attend in-person coaching sessions. This has become a lot more popular in recent years. You can provide personalized coaching and support through video calls, email, discord, and messaging apps.
  • Triathlon Event Promotion: Promote upcoming triathlon events on your website and charge event organizers for the promotion. You can also offer event registration services and earn a commission for each registration.
  • Triathlon Nutrition Plans: Provide customized nutrition plans for triathletes, including pre-race meals, race-day fueling strategies, and recovery meals. Consider catering to specific diet types like keto, paleo, vegan, etc. Charge a fee for the plans and offer additional nutrition coaching services for a premium.

Food and Drink Niche Site Ideas

Here we go. This is a niche category that I have always wanted to get into. In fact, I’ve already purchased a few domain names in this niche and plan to get going on these eventually.

Food and drink, particularly wine for the latter, are Dariece and my passion. The only reason we haven’t fully built up a wine blog or podcast yet is that we were uncertain about the monetization method.

But with the US market for food and drink expected to grow to more than $37 billion by 2027, this is definitely a space worth getting into. Upon research for this post, I found that there are plenty of affiliates and monetization methods available in this niche.

31. Homebrewing and Beer

What would be more fun than brewing your own beer (or wine) at home and getting paid to drink it. If you monetize this site properly with ads and courses, it could be a total winner. Just try not to get too high on your own supply!

Homebrewing and Beer Website Name Ideas

  1. Brew Craft Mastery
  2. Hoppy Homebrewers
  3. Suds & Spirits Society
  4. The Hops’n’Homebrew Blog
  5. [Your Name’s] Crafty Kegs

Monetization Strategy

  • YouTube: I’m listing YouTube as a monetization method here because I follow some influencers in the fermentation and brewing space and they’re insanely popular. From ads alone, they’re likely earning more than 6-figures per month.
  • Sell brewing equipment: If your website focuses on homebrewing, you can sell brewing equipment, such as brewing kettles, fermenters, and bottles. This can be done through your own online store or through an affiliate program with a retailer.
  • Beer-Making Tours / Classes: I’ve done my fair share of beer-drinking experiences on platforms like Airbnb, Viator, and GetYourGuide, but a beer-making class would take that to the next level. Sign up as a tour guide on those platforms and sell your tour through your blog.
  • Sell beer-related merchandise: This is a fun niche that makes it easy to sell kitschy type clothing and garb. You can sell beer-related merchandise such as t-shirts, glassware, and beer accessories on your website. You can also create your own line of branded merchandise and sell it through your online store.
  • Affiliate Marketing: Not surprisingly, there are some great affiliates in this niche including AmazonAssociates, Craft Beer Club, BeerDrop, and BrewDemon.

32. Baking and Pastry

Similar to a brewery blog, you’d have to restrain yourself from eating all of your hard work! But this is a super popular niche with many huge players already in the business. This niche is great for Pinterest and you’ll likely get lots of traffic from Pinterest if you pin on boards there.

A baking blog is somewhat seasonal, in that December will likely be your highest month by 300% if you’re targeting western countries (thanks Christmas), but it’s still a popular niche with loads of searches year round.

Baking and Pastry Website Name Ideas

  1. SugarFlake Bakery Blog
  2. The Pastry Hub
  3. Whisked Away Baking Blog
  4. The Dough and Batter Blog
  5. Sweet Obsession Bakery

Monetization Strategy

  • Sell a recipe ebook: Compile your best recipes into an ebook that you can sell directly on your website. This can provide a steady stream of passive income for your site.
  • In-content ads: Baking and pastry recipes often require a variety of ingredients and tools. In-content ads can work well on these types of posts by offering relevant product suggestions to readers. Just don’t over do it like so many other recipe sites!
  • Sell a Tour: Cooking classes on Airbnb, Viator, and GetYourGuide are a great way to monetize your baking blog. Consider hosting in-person baking and pastry classes through these popular travel and experience booking platforms. This can help you reach a new audience and provide an additional source of income.
  • Affiliate marketing: Partner with companies that sell baking tools, ingredients, and cookbooks through affiliate marketing programs. Amazon Associates,
  • Sponsored posts: Reach out to baking and pastry-related brands and offer to create sponsored content that features their products. This can provide a source of income for your site while also providing valuable exposure for the brand.

33. Coffee and Tea

Another one of my favorite items. After wine, there’s nothing better than coffee when it comes to potable liquids 😉.

Coffee and Tea Website Name Ideas

  1. Steeped in Flavor
  2. Brewed Awakening
  3. Sip and Savor
  4. The Roast and Toasters
  5. Tea Time Treasures

Monetization Strategy

  • Sell Your Own Branded Coffee: I know this might sound super difficult, but there are plenty of co packers that can help you roast your own beans and sell it in your own branded packaging. Graham Stephan, one of my favorite entrepreneur YouTubers does just that with his company Bankroll Coffee.
  • Subscription Box: Create a monthly subscription box featuring unique and rare coffees and teas. Subscribers could receive different varieties every month and have the opportunity to learn about new and exciting flavors.
  • Online Courses: Offer online courses on topics like coffee roasting, tea blending, or brewing techniques on a platform like Teachable or your own blog through MemberMouse or MemberPress. You could sell these courses as standalone products or bundle them with other offerings like recipe books or subscription boxes.
  • Affiliate Marketing: Partner with coffee and tea brands to promote their products on your website. You could earn a commission for every sale made through your affiliate link. The first affiliates that come to mind include Amazon Associates, Koa Coffee, and Bulletproof.

34. Wine Tasting

I have been on more wine-tasting tours than I care to admit to and we even own a couple of domains in the wine space. This is a fun and super interesting niche to get into.

The monetization methods for wine-tasting-specific blogs would mainly focus on affiliates for wine tasting experiences around the world, but you could also sell tasting and sent kits, posters, and wine paraphernalia.

Wine Tasting Website Name Ideas

  1. The Wine Taster’s Journal
  2. Grapevine Gathering
  3. Uncorked Insights
  4. The Vineyard Explorer
  5. Wine Connoisseur Corner

Monetization Strategy

  • Virtual Wine Tasting Experience: Host virtual wine tasting events and charge participants for tickets to join the experience. Airbnb has specific virtual experiences perfect for this.
  • Wine Club: Start a wine club where members can receive regular deliveries of your selected wine picks, and charge a subscription fee. Include video content of yourself trying each wine and explaining it to help boost sign-ups.
  • Wine Accessories: Sell wine accessories such as wine glasses, wine aerators, decanters, and other items on your website and earn a commission. We have a wine accessory website that we plan to build to do just that.
  • Wine Tours: Offer wine tours and experiences through your website and earn commissions from each booking made. Again these can be hosted on Airbnb, GetYourGuide, and Viator.
  • Wine Education Courses: If you’re a registered sommelier or wine master, why not create and sell online wine education courses, such as wine pairing classes, and wine-making classes?

35. Cooking and Meal Planning

This is one niche that is WAY over-saturated. You’ll have to narrow it down to specific diets at the very least, even better to specific allergies or food aversions like a blog about meal planning for keto diet and someone who can’t eat garlic, or for gluten-free vegan, etc.

You’ll have to find a way to get a super niche here. I know a lot of food bloggers and I must say that 99% of them monetize only with in-content ads. Sure, some of them earn more than 6 figures per month, but it’s a risky business having all of your eggs in one basket. Try to diversify in this niche.

Cooking and Meal Planning Website Name Ideas

  1. The Meat Meal Master
  2. [Your Name’s] Savory Spoon
  3. A Keto Cook’s Companion
  4. Plan to Plate Meal-Preps
  5. The Flavor Factor Blog

Monetization Strategy

  • Meal planning subscription service: Offer a subscription service where users can access customized meal plans and shopping lists based on their dietary preferences and restrictions.
  • E-book sales: A recipe e-book is an obvious winner here. Compile your best recipes and meal plans into an e-book and sell it on your website or on Amazon.
  • Affiliate marketing: Partner with companies that sell cooking equipment, kitchen gadgets, or meal delivery services and earn a commission for each sale made through your affiliate link. Affiliate programs include Amazon Associates, Blue Apron, HelloFresh, and Thrive Market.
  • Cooking classes: Offer cooking classes in-person or virtually on platforms like Airbnb Experiences or Viator, and advertise them on your website.
  • Sell a Cooking Course: Create a course on Teachable or on your own blog with a plugin like MemberMouse or MemberPress and sell it to your audience. Teach them beginner cooking techniques and promote the course through videos, social, blog posts, and email funnels.

36. Vegan and Vegetarian Diets

Not surprisingly, this niche has been growing like crazy since 2004. Just look at the Google Trends data below. It doesn’t look like this is a fad diet and any vegan will tell you, it’s a lifestyle.

Google Trends Search Date for “Vegan” 2004-Present

This kind of passion behind a diet lends itself to a great audience who will follow you religiously (if you can keep in their good books).

Vegan and Vegetarian Diets Website Name Ideas

  1. Green Sustainable Table
  2. VeggieFit [Your Name]
  3. The Herbivore’s Kitchen Chronicles
  4. VeganBites Recipes & More
  5. Purely Plant-Based Life
  6. VeggieVision For All
  7. The Vegan Vixen
  8. Plant-Based Power
  9. Planet Conscious Kitchen

Monetization Strategy

  • eBook: Create and sell your own vegan recipe book or meal plan subscription service.
  • Food Delivery Affiliate: Partner with a vegan meal delivery service and earn a commission for referrals.
  • Vegan Product Sales: Create and sell your own line of vegan food products, such as plant-based protein powder or vegan cheese.
  • Cooking Classes: Offer vegan cooking classes or workshops and sell tickets through your website or platforms like Eventbrite, or Teachable. You can also host them on GetYourGuide, Viator, or Airbnb.
  • Affiliate Marketing: Partner with ethical and sustainable fashion brands that align with the vegan lifestyle and earn a commission on sales through affiliate marketing.

37. Fermentation and Pickling

Fermentation is a growing craze these days with more people than ever interested in gut health and home sustainability. I myself have fermented quite a bit but mostly just homemade fermented ginger beer.

While I was researching for my own fermentation, I came across some great influencers in this space like Joshua Weissman who is mainly a YouTuber but also has a great blog.

Fermenters are always needing new materials, ingredients, and equipment making this a great niche for affiliates, but also for branded product sales.

Fermentation and Pickling Website Name Ideas

  1. [Your Name’s] FermentaGuide
  2. Picklepedia For Beginners
  3. Ferment To Be
  4. The Pickle Patch
  5. Fermenting Fun

Monetization Strategy

  • Sell starter cultures and equipment: Fermentation and pickling require specific starter cultures and equipment that always needs to be replenished. You can create starter kits with these items, plus instructions and everything needed to get started.
  • Sell fermentation and pickling recipe e-books: You can create e-books on Canva with your best fermentation and pickling recipes, tools and techniques, and sell them on your website. This is a great way to monetize your knowledge and expertise.
  • Affiliate marketing with fermentation and pickling products: Link to products, such as starter cultures, fermentation crocks, and pickling jars, and earn a commission for any sales made through them. Amazon Associates will be the best bet here.
  • Online courses and workshops: You can offer online courses through Teachable or on your own site with the MemberMouse or MemberPress membership plugins. Create workshops on fermentation and pickling, teaching people how to ferment and pickle different foods. You can charge for access to these courses and workshops.

38. Mixology and Cocktails

Another one of my favorite niches, Mixology and Cocktails, is growing quickly as more speakeasy’s and gastro pubs open up worldwide and people are inspired to make their own drinks at home.

This niche definitely lends itself to video, so consider joining TikTok, Instagram and creating an engaging YouTube channel with cocktail recipes to compliment everyone on your blog.

Mixology and Cocktails Website Name Ideas

  1. Cocktail Lab
  2. Mixology Masters
  3. Booze Boulevard
  4. Shaken & Stirred
  5. The Cocktail Chronicles

Monetization Strategy

  • Cocktail recipe e-book: Create a comprehensive e-book on Canva featuring your original cocktail recipes, and sell it on your website.
  • Cocktail-making classes: Host virtual cocktail-making classes via platforms like Zoom or on Airbnb and charge a fee for participation. Alternatively, you could set up an in-person cocktail-making tour on Viator or GetYourGuide.
  • Cocktail kit sales: Curate and sell cocktail-making kits on your website, containing all the ingredients and tools necessary to make one of your signature cocktails.
  • Affiliate marketing: I’ve already purchased a domain in the cocktail / drinks space so I know there are some great affiliates here. First and foremost will be Amazon Associates, but there are also Bar Products, Drizly, and HomeWetbar.

39. BBQ, Grilling, and Smoking

Yes! This niche is HUGE. Ever since Treager took the world by storm, the backyard chef wave is officially rolling and you can make some big bucks with the expensive products on offer in this niche.

One of the last websites I created used an Astra Template that was actually meant for a BBQ site with a beautiful home page and some recipe templates as well. The design potential, informational content and monetization opportunities are great in this niche.

BBQ, Grilling, and Smoking Website Name Ideas

  1. Backyard Baller Grill & Smoke
  2. YardWarriors Smokehouse
  3. Sun Smoke & Grill
  4. All Up In My Grill
  5. [Your Name’s] Desire For Fire

Monetization Strategy

  • Branded BBQ Gear Online Store: Start an online store that sells BBQ gear and equipment, such as grills, smokers, funny aprons, and accessories. You can also sell your own branded products, such as BBQ sauces and rubs.
  • Recipe E-book: Create an e-book on Canva of your best BBQ, grilling, and smoking recipes and sell it on your website. You can also offer it as a free incentive for email sign-ups. This is known as a “lead magnet”.
  • Online Cooking Classes: Host online cooking classes on Airbnb that focus on BBQ, grilling, and smoking techniques. Alternatively set one up in-person on Viator or GetYourGuide.
  • YouTube Channel: I follow a few great grilling and smoking YouTube Channels like The Bearded Butchers, and Guga Foods (both of which have their own blogs and sell their own products), so I had to include this as a monetization method. Start a YouTube channel that features BBQ, grilling, and smoking tutorials, product reviews, and recipes. You can monetize your channel by selling products, ads, sponsored content, and affiliate marketing.
  • BBQ Subscription Box: Create a monthly subscription box that delivers BBQ, grilling, and smoking products to your customers whenever they need it, plus cheaper replenishment kits. You can include items like BBQ sauces, rubs, spices, and accessories.
  • BBQ Competitions: This would also be excellent content for your YouTube channel. Host BBQ competitions or partner with existing competitions to get your brand in front of a wider audience. You can also offer prizes or sponsorships for the winners.

40. Chocolate Making

A quick search in my favorite keyword research tool KeySearch, shows that there are some incredible terms for Chocolate Making that have excellent search volume. There are also some longer key phrases that have much less difficulty, which is great for a new niche.

Search Volume & Difficulty Results for Chocolate Making on KeySearch

Chocolate Making Website Name Ideas

  1. ChocoArtisan Studio
  2. [Your Name’s] Cocoa Craft Kitchen
  3. Divine Chocolate Hub
  4. [Your Name’s] Sweet Cacao Academy
  5. The Proper Chocolate Spot

Monetization Strategy

  • Subscription Box: Create a subscription service where customers receive a monthly box of chocolate-making supplies and recipes.
  • Online Courses: Offer online chocolate-making lessons for beginners and advanced levels on Teachable and promote them on your blog, and to your social followers.
  • Custom Chocolate Orders: Offer custom chocolate orders that you can promote on your website for special occasions like weddings, corporate events, or holidays.
  • Virtual Tastings: Host virtual chocolate tastings where customers can sample different chocolate varieties while learning about the chocolate-making process. Customers can pay for access to the event.

Fashion and Beauty Niche Site Ideas

The fashion and beauty industry is a significant contributor to the US economy, and it is estimated to be worth around $571.1 billion as of 2023.

To simply scratch the surface of this enormous market with a niche site or authority blog, you’d be doing very well for yourself. On top of that, beauty has one of the highest commission percentages on Amazon Associates currently at 10%.

41. Makeup and Skincare

This is a niche site idea that’s crying out for affiliate marketing and your own product sales. Makeup and skincare is absolutely enormous.

Some of the biggest influencers in this space include Huda Kattan (50.2M followers), Nikkie de Jager (15.7M followers), and Manny Gutierrez (4M followers). Making a name for yourself in this space will take hard work, but the rewards can be enormous.

Makeup and Skincare Website Name Ideas

  1. Glow Up Gurus
  2. Beauty Bliss Blog
  3. Skin Savvy Squad
  4. Makeup Maven Mania
  5. Radiant Beauty Reviews

Monetization Strategy

  • Subscription Boxes: Offer a monthly subscription box of curated makeup and skincare products, charging a fee for access to the box. This can be a great way to build a loyal following and generate recurring revenue.
  • Sponsored Posts: Collaborate with beauty brands and receive payment for creating sponsored content promoting their products. This can be a great way to monetize your blog while also offering valuable content to your readers. Some of the biggest influencers in this space charge more than $187,000 per sponsored post!
  • Affiliate Marketing: Partner with beauty brands and receive a commission for any sales generated through your unique affiliate link. This can be a great way to monetize your site while also promoting products that you truly believe in. Great affiliate programs in this space include Amazon Associates, Sephora, Ulta Beauty, Glossier, and Dermstore.
  • Online Courses: Create and sell online courses that teach makeup and skincare techniques, such as contouring, natural skincare routines, and more. This can be a great way to generate revenue while also offering valuable educational content to your audience.
  • Product Reviews: Partner with beauty brands to receive free products in exchange for honest reviews on your blog or social media channels. This can be a great way to generate content while also building relationships with brands in the industry.

42. Hair Styling and Coloring

Another excellent niche with a lot of affiliate products waiting to be linked to. I highly recommend this niche if you’re a true hair styling professional or hair dresser. Not only could you monetize with affiliates through your blog, but you could grow your local customer base as well by ranking for valuable terms like “best hairdresser in [city name]”.

Hair Styling and Coloring Website Name Ideas

  1. Strand Studio Style
  2. Colorist Connection
  3. Tress Trends Today
  4. Style Salon Society
  5. Mane Master Mavens

Monetization Strategy

  • Promote Your Own Services: As mentioned above, you could promote your own hair styling and coloring services on your blog and get new customers.
  • Online store: Sell hair styling and coloring products directly on your website, such as hair styling tools, hair dyes, and haircare products.
  • Membership program: Create a subscription-based membership program that offers exclusive content, discounts on products, and personalized hair care advice.
  • Advertising: Sell advertising space on your website to relevant brands, such as beauty products or haircare brands.
  • Online courses: Offer online courses or webinars on hair styling and coloring techniques, tips for maintaining healthy hair, and other related topics.

43. Nail Art and Manicures

Nail art and manicures have become increasingly popular in recent years as a form of self-expression, individuality, and creativity. Many people enjoy experimenting with different nail colors, designs, and techniques to create unique and eye-catching looks for years, but this has exploded in popularity lately.

With the rise of social media, there has been a surge in interest in nail art and manicures, as people are constantly looking for inspiration and ideas to try out themselves.

Starting a blog focused on nail art and manicures can be a great way to share your passion for this art form with others. While it is widely popular, I think you could still carve out a niche here by narrowing it down to nail art for children, nail art for men, nail art for beginners etc.

Nail Art and Manicures Website Name Ideas

  1. Chic Nails Daily
  2. The Polished Palette
  3. Nail Art Enthusiast
  4. Glamourous Tips and Nails
  5. Daily Mani Muse

Monetization Strategy

  • Sponsored Content and Reviews: Reach out to nail polish and beauty brands to sponsor your content and reviews. You can create informative posts about their products or services and showcase them to your audience.
  • E-Commerce: Start an ecommerce store and sell nail art products such as polishes, stickers, and tools on your website. Consider using Etsy and Shopify for this.
  • Online Courses: Create and sell online courses on nail art, manicures, and pedicures. You can offer courses through Teachable or on your own site with MemberMouse or MemberPress covering different levels of expertise, from beginner to advanced. You can also offer certifications upon completion, which will help you stand out in a competitive market.
  • Advertising: Sell advertising space on your website to nail and beauty brands. You can offer banner ads, sponsored posts, and other advertising formats. You can also use advertising networks such as Google AdSense to display ads on your website.
  • Promote Your Services: This is a great way to get new customers to your in-person nail art studio through your blog. Write informative posts and let people know where your studio is.

44. Fashion Design

If you’re a fashion designer, then this is a great niche to be in. You can write about your different design techniques, and styles and include how-tos about coming up with ideas and planning a design.

You could also have tutorials about how to use 3D mockup software, how to draw up design drafts, and much more.

Fashion Design Website Name Ideas

  1. ChicDesignSpot
  2. RunwayVisionary
  3. ThreadCraftStudio
  4. StyleForgeLab
  5. FashionInklingCo

Monetization Strategy

  • Sell digital products: Fashion designers can create and sell digital products like fashion sketches, design templates, mood boards, or even online courses and tutorials.
  • Affiliate marketing: You can partner with affiliate programs for clothing or sewing supplies, and promote them on their website in exchange for a commission.
  • Sponsored content: Fashion designers can work with brands to create sponsored content, such as sponsored blog posts, Instagram posts, or YouTube videos.
  • Online store: Consider selling your designs directly through an online store on their website, or through a third-party platform like Etsy.
  • Freelance design services: As a fashion design blogger you can offer your services as freelance designers to create custom designs or consult on fashion-related projects.

See Also: How To Get Paid as a Freelance Writer (99 Websites That Pay)

45. Jewelry Design

I know we listed jewelry making already in this post, but the designing of jewelry is something quite different and that’s why it is under the fashion section of this list of niche site ideas.

A jewelry design blogger works on sketches of jewelry in front of her computer.

With jewelry design, like with fashion design above, you could teach people how to draw 3D markups on the computer, how to draw up a paper draft design, and how to come up with new design inspirations.

Jewelry Design Website Name Ideas

  1. The Adorned Artisan
  2. Bijou Blossom
  3. The Gemstone Genius
  4. The Charmed Craftsman
  5. Luxe Lapidary Diary

Monetization Strategy

  • Create a fashion design experience: Go on GetYourGuide, Viator, or Airbnb and create a local experience where you can share your passion with would-be jewelry designers over wine and snacks.
  • Offer custom jewelry design services: You can offer custom jewelry design services to customers who are looking for unique and personalized jewelry pieces.
  • Affiliate marketing: You can partner with jewelry stores or suppliers and promote their products on your website. When someone clicks on your affiliate link and makes a purchase, you earn a commission. Great affiliate programs in this niche include Amazon Associates, Blue Nile, Etsy, and JewelScent.
  • Crowdfunding: You can use crowdfunding platforms to raise money for your jewelry design projects or to launch a new collection.
  • Sell digital products: You can create and sell digital products such as design templates, tutorials, or ebooks related to jewelry design.

46. Modeling and Photography

Starting a modeling and photography blog can be an incredibly rewarding way to showcase your creative talents, connect with other like-minded individuals, and build a community around your passion for the arts.

Through your blog, you can share your experiences, offer tips and tricks, and highlight your work and the work of others. With the growing popularity of social media, there’s never been a better time to dive into the world of modeling and photography and create a space to share your unique perspective and creativity with the world.

Modeling and Photography Website Name Ideas

  1. Flash and Frame
  2. Pose and Click
  3. Shutter Style
  4. Snap and Strut
  5. Glamour Gaze Craze

Monetization Strategy

  • Photography courses and workshops: Offer paid photography courses and workshops, either in-person or online, to help beginners learn the basics or advanced photographers enhance their skills.
  • Sponsored content: Collaborate with brands in the fashion and photography industry and create sponsored content for them, such as product reviews, styling tips, or photo shoots.
  • Stock photography: Sell your own photography as stock images or partner with stock photo websites and earn commissions for each download. A good place for both includes Shutterstock, Shopify, and iStock.
  • E-commerce store: Create an online store to sell photography-related products, such as camera equipment, accessories, or prints of your own work.
  • Affiliate Marketing: This is a great niche to sell affiliate products like camera gear and books on your blog with. Good modeling and photography affiliate programs include: Amazon Associates, Shutterstock, Adorama, and B&H Photo.

47. Shoe Making

I love the many ideas that come to mind for niche website names on this topic. The words “cobbler” and “shoemaker” just lend themselves to creative names.

On top of that, you have a variety of products and monetization methods available within this niche, and it’s already a pretty focused topic with a narrow audience, but you could narrow it down even further with specific shoes (like running, sport, skate, etc.) and a specific customer (like women, men, children, etc.).

Shoe Making Website Name Ideas

  1. Sole Creations Workshop
  2. Step by Step Shoemaking
  3. The Cobbler’s Corner
  4. Footwear Design Co.
  5. The Shoemaker’s Shop Online

Monetization Strategy

  • Sell handmade shoes: As a shoemaker, you can sell your handmade shoes directly on your website. This can be done through an e-commerce platform, like Shopify or WooCommerce.
  • Create a Shoemaking Experience: Create a tour or experience on a platform like Airbnb, GetYourGuide, or Viator and have people come to your house, learn to make a pair of shoes and drink some beer or wine.
  • Offer shoe-making courses: If you have expertise in shoe-making, you can offer courses on your website and charge for access. These courses can be in-person or online.
  • Create and sell shoe-making patterns: Shoe-making patterns are in high demand among shoemakers and enthusiasts. You can create and sell patterns on your website.
  • Sell shoe-making supplies: Shoe-making requires various supplies, including leather, thread, and tools. You can sell these supplies on your website and earn a commission. Good shoe-making affiliates include Amazon Associates, Fine Leatherworking, and Cambrillon.
  • Partner with shoe retailers: Partner with shoe retailers and offer them custom shoe-making services. You can charge a commission for each sale made through your website.

48. Perfume and Fragrances

Perhaps the highest-margin category on this entire list, everyone knows that there’s huge money to be made in the perfume and fragrance market.

Statista says the market is worth over $8.7 Billion in 2023, so it’s no surprise that big money is spent on bloggers and influencers in this space. Can you build a name and be one of them?

Perfume and Fragrances Website Name Ideas

  1. Fragrance Foundry
  2. Aroma Avenue
  3. Scent Savvy
  4. Perfume Paradise
  5. Fragrance Frontier

Monetization Strategy

  • Fragrance Subscription Service: Create your own monthly subscription box where subscribers can receive a curated selection of new and popular fragrances each month.
  • Fragrance Concierge Service: Offer personalized fragrance recommendations to customers based on their individual scent preferences and needs. You could even turn this into an experience on GetYourGuide, Viator, or Airbnb.
  • Fragrance Workshops: Host fragrance-making workshops where customers can learn how to create their own custom fragrances with the help of a fragrance expert. Again, what a perfect tour to offer on the above platforms.
  • Fragrance Reviews: Partner with brands to provide honest and in-depth reviews of their fragrances to your audience.
  • Fragrance Marketplace: Create a marketplace where customers can purchase both popular and niche fragrances from a variety of different brands.

49. Men’s Grooming

This niche is growing quickly. Gone are the days when men are walking around looking as burly as they can to attract a mate. These days, myself included, men are spending money on grooming products like multiple shavers, trimmers, hair products (I don’t buy that one) and more.

Not only that but there are excellent subscription services available for men who want to keep their beards and bodies clean and proper.

Men’s Grooming Website Name Ideas

  1. The Shavers Shack Blog
  2. Trimmed & Tough
  3. The Method of Manscape
  4. Manscape Madness
  5. Burly No More

Monetization Strategy

  • Affiliate Marketing: As I mentioned earlier, there are some great men’s grooming subscription services like BeardBrand, Atrius, and BeardGains.
  • Product Sales: If you can create your own beard products and brand them as something cool and fun, it might take off. You could promote it on your blog, YouTube, and socials.
  • Make Your Own Subscription Box: There are already a few on the market, but none cater specific to your male audience. Consider compiling some of the best products for beards and male grooming (or create your own) and package them into a monthly box in a subscription program for your blog readers.

50. Fashion for Plus-Size Women

I’m not going to pretend I know a lot about this niche, but I do know that a lot of women relate to the difficulties of shopping for plus-size clothing and finding representation in the fashion industry.

Offering representation to those not represented currently is rewarding, but it also makes it easier to quickly grow a loyal following.

This market has already grown enough to require further focus, like fashion for plus-size women in a specific city, or for specific styles of clothing like retro, high fashion etc.

Fashion for Plus-Size Women Website Name Ideas

  1. Curve Couture
  2. Plus-Size Chic
  3. Full-Figure Fashion
  4. Curvy Culture
  5. Bold and Beautiful

Monetization Strategy

  • Affiliate programs for plus-size clothing: Partner with brands that offer plus-size clothing and earn a commission for each sale made through your referral link. Some programs include Torrid, Amazon Associates, Eloquii, and Kiyonna.
  • Online courses and tutorials: Offer online courses and tutorials related to fashion, beauty, and wellness specifically tailored for plus-size women.
  • Sell Your Photography Services: Sell your services as a photographer of plus-size models and market it to fashion brands. Use your website as a portfolio of your photos and sell your services directly on your site.
  • Plus-size modeling agency: Start a modeling agency specifically for plus-size models and promote it on your blog. You can earn a commission by booking models for events, photo shoots, and other gigs.

Taking what we’ve listed above, you can scan through these niche site ideas below and continue on your quest to start the perfect niche.

Many of the same monetization methods like in-content ads, affiliate marketing, and product sales, would likely repeat themselves in the niches below, but use your imagination to diversify your income streams and come up with unique ways to monetize a growing audience in these niches.

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51 More Niche Site Ideas

Now that we’ve covered my top 50 niche site ideas in depth, I’m going to cover 51 more ideas for niche sites that you can start, grow and monetize today.

Music and Entertainment

51. Playing Musical Instruments

I already have a niche site about musical instruments and I was able to earn money from it after just 6 months, and after a year it was earning a pretty decent income and still is! I can speak from experience, this is a great (though very saturated) niche.

52. DJing and Music Production

DJing and Music Production is not cheap and it’s a niche that people literally get up and dance for. You could create a great blog with product reviews, affiliate links, how-to videos and plenty of informational content around this passion-hobby.

53. Concerts and Festivals

This one lends to an affiliate with a ticket marketplace like Ticketmaster where you could promote upcoming concerts, festivals, and events on your blog and earn a commission when your audience buys tickets.

54. Music Theory and Education

A blog about Music Theory and Education would take the niche to a more focused level and you could sell your own e-books and products in this niche.

55. Songwriting and Composition

One of my favorite music influencers is Dave Tran of GuitarZero2Hero. He’s mainly a YouTuber, but also has a great website and has done a wonderful job of monetizing through online courses. I actually purchased his course and I love it. It taught me much of what I know about playing guitar.

a photo of a girl following a guitar bloggers course online on her laptop while she learns to play guitar

A blog about songwriting and composition begs for your own online course through Teachable and your own ebook created on Canva.

56. Theater and Acting

This one would be a bit harder to monetize, but if you’re a passionate actor then this could be a good one for you. There are some informational-type posts you could write like how to handle an audition, as well as some acting/theater techniques that you could teach your readers.

57. Comedy and Improv

One of my good friends is actually a professional standup comedian and not only does he love it, but he does quite well for himself.

I think for a blog like this you’d have to monetize by being an affiliate for ticket sales through a marketplace like Ticketmaster, but I think you could also have comics on your employ and get a commission when you get them booked through promotion of their work on your blog.

58. Film and Video Production

This is a great niche because film and video production equipment is so expensive. Of course, affiliate commissions would be huge. For software, Adobe comes to mind as an affiliate.

Unfortunately, Apple has no program for Final Cut Pro, but add-on software like PixelFilmStudios does. I’ve used their plugins a lot and love them.

59. Gaming and eSports

This niche is one of the biggest out there, so you’d have to niche this down significantly. The monetization opportunities are enormous, with some of the biggest influencers in the space earning 6-figures from single videos promoting games.

60. Podcasting and Radio

While you should consider starting a podcast for any of the niche site ideas on this list, what about a blog about how to start a podcast, or about reviewing podcast and radio products?

I follow SmartPassiveIncome.com and Pat Flynn has a whole section about how to make money with a podcast on his blog. There’s definitely opportunity here.

Travel and Adventure

Here we go. A niche I know and love. If you want to learn how to become a travel blogger, you must first know that this niche is quite crowded.

So, we just have to narrow it down further so you can compete with the millions of travel blogs already online and still make money as a travel blogger. But once you get there, the perks for this niche (like paid press trips and fam trips) means that you can literally get paid to travel as a travel blogger.

61. Van Life and Nomadic Living

This will have to be narrowed down even further, like a blog about van life on a budget as a couple in the Midwest, or something similar. After COVID there are just too many van life blogs online to easily carve out a spot in this broad niche.

62. Backpacking and Hostels

This might now sound like a great niche because it’s inherently cheap, but there’s a lot of money to be made here because the competition in this space is lower than more profitable travel niches like luxury travel. Your main monetization method here will be affiliates with sites like HostelWorld, and Booking.com.

63. Adventure Travel

This is too vague, but it gives you a jumping off point for a narrow niche like South American Adventure Travel for Single Female Travellers, or Adventure Travel in the Yucatan in Mexico.

Once you narrow down your niche, your main affiliates will be tour companies like Viator and GetYourGuide as well as Booking.com.

64. Road Tripping

Another starting point for a narrower niche like road tripping and sleeping in the back of your truck or with a rooftop tent in the USA. Or camping for free while road-tripping. Some great affiliates for this niche would include Amazon Associates for road-tripping and camping gear, as well as REI, Booking.com to book campsites and TripAdvisor.

65. Sustainable Tourism

This is a great niche with a purpose, but like the other niche website ideas in the travel portion of this list, you’ll have to narrow this down. Focusing on specific marine animals, ocean cleanups, beach cleanups around the world, or sustainable accommodation are just a few ways to gain focus in this broad niche.

The stunning El Nido harbor waterfront in Palawan, Phillippines.

Monetization methods should include giving some profit to non-profit organizations like Peta, The Ocean Cleanup, and OceanConcervancy. But you could also make affiliate commissions for booking eco-friendly hotels on Booking.com or Expedia.

66. Language Learning and Cultural Immersion

There are lots of schools around the world that allow travelers to stay in dorms or with a local family and learn the local language while immersing themselves in the culture.

It’ll be hard to monetize this niche as these schools don’t likely have an affiliate program, but you could rely on ads and selling your own products like language courses, or courses on how to get into schools abroad.

67. Digital Nomad Lifestyle

This is a great niche. How do I know? The blog you’re reading is about digital nomad life and we love this niche. It’s exciting helping people learn how to become digital nomads because if you are a digital nomad yourself, you’ll know that it’s the best job in the world.

Affiliates in this broad niche are almost endless, plus there are monetization opportunities for creating your own digital nomad retreats, opening a coworking space and sharing it on your blog, or by creating online courses about becoming a digital nomad.

68. Ecotourism and Wildlife Conservation

Another excellent niche in the travel space with a great cause. Ecotourism has skyrocketed in recent years as we have seen the negative effects that unsustainable travel can have on our planet and its wild inhabitants.

A site on EcoTourism and Wildlife conservation could give some proceeds back to the cause, while also earning profit through creating custom eco-tours around the world and selling them on the blog, or through ecotourism affiliate programs like G-Adventures, some eco-tours on Viator and GetYourGuide, or Natural Habitat Adventures.

69. Historical Travel

Make this country-specific and you have a real winner. History buffs make up a pretty good percentage of the travel demographic. When it comes to old towns and archeology, I consider myself one of them.

Affiliates would include the usual suspects in travel like Expedia, GetYourGuide and Viator for historical tours, but also some museums around the world have affiliate programs for ticket sales and you could sell those through one of the above as well.

70. Food Tourism and Culinary Adventures

We have a few good friends in the foodie travel space including Foodie Flashpacker Nathan Aguillera and some who we follow and would love to meet like Mark from Migrationology.

Both have narrowed down the niche well by adding more to it like the street food angle that Mark took. Affiliates would be for food tours and restaurant booking sites like GetYourGuide and Viator or The Fork or Open Table for the latter.

Technology and Gadgets

As a self-confessed technology nerd, this one hits close to home. But like travel, you really have to narrow these niches down further by adding a specific modifier to your niche and mission statement like being specific to a brand, a type of audience, or a field of the industry.

71. Robotics and DIY Electronics

I follow robotics and DIY geniuses on YouTube like What’s Inside, Colin Furze, and Simone Giertz all of which have their own websites or online stores.

A robotics blogger works on animating a robotic arm from his laptop

This niche is perfect for online courses sold through Teachable or on your own website with MemberMouse or MemberPress. Teach your audience how to become their own backyard Iron Man.

72. Virtual Reality, Augmented Reality and Gaming

This industry (along with AI) is likely going to be one of the most impactful and fastest-growing industries in our lifetime. The products are expensive, there are game and subscription purchases involved and you can earn money as a gamer on Twitch.

Narrow this down to being console specific (like only using Meta or PS headsets) and monetize through affiliates like Amazon Associates and maybe even get sponsored by game producers.

73. Drones and Aerial Photography

As someone who has had a drone since the DJI Phantom II, likely before any other travel bloggers were traveling around with them, I know that this niche has evolved greatly in the past 10 years. I also know (because I considered starting a drone blog) that it’s also incredibly saturated.

You’ll have to do more than just be a drone review site here. You’ll have to compare specific drones, be the camera expert, focus on a specific functionality of the drone like the GPS software, or have a specific audience like professional drone pilots or beginners.

74. Cybersecurity and Online Privacy

VPN affiliates are some of the highest paying out there and helping people be more secure online is a pretty good cause. This niche is going to be more limited to one-time sales of an online product with decent commissions, rather than some others on this list that allow for multiple products to be repurchased and updated with new iterations or replenishments.

Still, if you can narrow this down to a more specific niche and find ways to sell your consultancy services to people who have been hacked or need help with their privacy, this could be a great niche.

75. Home Automation and Smart Home Devices

With this niche, you’re still promoting a product that people only purchase every few years, but it’s still a decent niche to be in thanks to the plethora of home automation and smart home products and the vast amount of informational content that you can blog about.

76. App Development and Coding

Ever since I first heard that SugarCrush was earning more than a half a million dollars per day I’ve been interested in learning how to create apps.

If you already know the skill, a blog in this niche could be very lucrative. I’m thinking of courses on Teachable or affiliates like AppSumo, and Appy Pie.

77. 3D Printing and Digital Fabrication

3D Printing has exploded in the past 10 years. This is a good niche to get into with plenty of at-home 3D printing products available on Amazon, meaning you could do well on the Amazon Associates program here.

78. Blockchain and Cryptocurrency

If you’re an expert of the blockchain, then it’s no surprise that this industry is as popular as it is volatile to investors. Still, the big influencers in this space are making a lot of money.

Monetization opportunities include investing services, consulting services, courses on investing, and crypto-trading affiliates like CoinBase and Binance.

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79. AI and Machine Learning

This is currently the fastest-growing viral industry in the world and it’s likely to be the most impactful on our lives globally. Blogs in this space would include blogging about how to train and perform better commands for AI.

A robot represents AI pointing to its temple to illustrate thought and cognitive ability.

This space is so influential that I think future jobs will revolve a lot more around how to interact with AI, rather than how to apply for those same creative and robotics jobs that people once applied for.

80. Home Robots

As someone who has purchased and researched plenty of home robot products like a Roomba, a robot mop, and even a robot lawnmower, I know that there is a lot to learn about these products.

A comparison site for home robots is likely too vague, but if you narrow this down to newer and more niche products like robot lawnmowers or Sony Aibo, you could be onto something.

81. Coffee Machines

Coffee has become such a fad that almost every electronics company is coming out with new coffee machines every day. From cold brew to self-packing espresso pod machines, you can brew any coffee you want from the comfort of your home.

Creating a niche site around this would likely be monetized through Amazon Associates and in-content ads, but the possibilities are endless for informational content, reviews and comparisons.

Narrow it down to a specific home coffee brewing technique like French Press, AeroPress, or Moka Pot and you have yourself a great niche blog that can sell its own coffee products and branded mugs, machines, and more.

DIY and Home Improvement

This will likely be the topic for my next niche blog. Home DIY home improvement is fun and anything in the backyard is a good affiliate niche in my opinion.

82. Woodworking and Carpentry

If you’re a carpenter, or you do woodworking at home then this is a great niche, especially when paired with an instructional YouTube channel. Create, promote, and sell your own woodworking projects, or sell a course about the basics of woodworking and carpentry.

83. Home Renovation and Remodeling

If you’ve ever seen Chip and Joanna Gains on FixerUpper, you’ll know just how fun it can be to watch and learn about home renovation and remodeling.

If you’re an expert on this, creating a blog with how-to content, while also renovating and flipping houses could give you the double-income stream that we all hope for in our lives.

84. Painting and Decorating

Home decor and painting is a great niche thanks to the many informational posts you can write, the opportunity to sell courses, and the many affiliate products on Amazon. Try to narrow it down with a niche like painting tiny homes, or decorating tree houses.

85. Plumbing and Electrical

You might be surprised how many people actually YouTube and Google plumbing tutorials rather than hiring an actual plumber. I know I did it recently (although I did have to break down and call a pro).

This type of website will be monetized through tools and plumbing products bought on Amazon, but could also include ads on instructional YouTube videos.

86. Furniture Building and Restoration

If you already have a furniture building and restoration company, or it’s just one of your passions, then this could be the niche for you. Obvious monetization methods include having an online store and shipping your products to your audience, but also affiliates like Lowes, Home Hardware, Walmart and of course, Amazon.

87. Home Gardening and Landscaping

Get your green thumb on and show others how to create a beautiful backyard. I’ve said it before in this post, any niche in the backyard has almost endless affiliate product and monetization opportunities.

88. Green Living and Sustainable Homes

This is getting bigger and bigger each year. Elon Musk isn’t the only person living in a tiny sustainable home. This niche could be monetized with affiliates for solar panels, Amazon gear, Home Hardware, Lowes, and much more.

89. Interior Design and Home Decor

Some people just have a knack for interior design and decorating homes. Not me, unfortunately. But I have researched it plenty online so I know that the niche is growing rapidly.

This niche would be monetized with online courses as well as decor affiliates like Amazon and Ikea.

90. Home Maintenance and Repair

This is a bit broad, but if you narrowed it down to kitchen repair, bathroom repair, bedroom maintenance, pool maintenance, etc, then you might have yourself a great niche.

a cardboard house with tools around it illustrating the idea of home repair and maintenance on a niche website or blog.

Monetization would be similar to the above examples in this category with Amazon Associates, Lowes, Ace Hardware, and Walmart likely being your top choices.

91. Home Security and Safety

We have an alarm in our home and it’s confusing as hell. We also had the guy come to our house to install it and I still don’t fully know how to use it.

A blog with instructional videos on home security and safety could be super useful to readers and very popular. Niche it down to a specific city so that you can partner with local installers and outfitters to earn a commission. Also Amazon sells lots of cool home security and safety products so affiliate commissions are available in this niche.

Education & Learning

This is a fast-growing sector that has plenty of high-paying affiliates and ways to monetize through teaching students live, creating online courses, selling products like ebooks and supplies, and affiliates for tools & tech needed like school supplies, laptops, microphones, and webcams.

92. Online Language Learning

We have a significant portion of this website you’re reading dedicated to language learning and cultural immersion. There are some great affiliates in this space for online teachers and TEFL courses and for the cultural immersion, you could earn commission from cultural immersion tours on GetYourGuide and Viator.

93. Homeschooling Resources

With the increase in remote work and people traveling while working and homeschooling their children, this is a growing industry that isn’t going anywhere soon.

A blog could include tutorials and online courses on how to homeschool and what homeschool applications and schools are best, as well as affiliate products for home schooling like school supplies, teaching supplies, custom lesson plans and more.

94. Online Tutoring

If you’re already an online tutor, then starting a blog about how to get a job as an online tutor would be an excellent niche. You could sell courses and curate lists of the best online tutoring websites and marketplaces and have sample lesson plans and video tutorials on how to apply for jobs and complete sample classes during the application process.

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95. Academic Writing Help

This niche would be hard to monetize, but you could run ads and create some courses and sell them on your blog.

Your courses and content could focus on helping others with tips and strategies for writing academic papers, advice on how to conduct effective research, guidance on how to cite sources properly and use referencing styles correctly, and advice on how to write effective literature reviews.

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96. Online Career Development

Another great niche with the purpose of really helping people and supplying answers to a common problem… employment. You could narrow this down to career development for a specific industry, or for an underserved community or group of people.

97. Personal Development

Probably the broadest niche website idea on this list, this one will have to be narrowed down massively. Likely to personal development for a specific group of people like millionaires or unemployed, or for a specific industry.

Monetization would likely come mostly in the form of online coaching and in-person classes promoted through your blog and social media.

98. Test Preparation

Pat Flynn of SmartPassiveIncome.com actually created a blog in this niche and earned some great money from it. You could create a blog about test preparation materials and resources for standardized and specific tests like the SAT, GRE, and LSAT.

99. Study Abroad

This one could’ve been in the travel category of niche site ideas too because by taking your education overseas, you’ll be able to experience different places, cultures, and food and have unique travel/life experiences.

We have a bit about studying abroad on this site, but another website that we’ve written for on this topic is called Transitions Abroad and it’s one of the longest-running blogs of any kind online. This tells me the niche is profitable, and continues to have organic search traffic.

100. Educational Toys & Games

This would be a great niche for affiliates and for making your own products to sell. The toys and games could help young people, or even adults to learn in a classroom or at-home setting.

101. Online Coding School

With the rise of AI and Chat GPT, there is actually a massive opportunity here. Previously, people would have to learn every aspect of coding, but now with the correct prompts, Chat GPT and similar language models can code Python, Java, C++, HTML, and more.

A coding blogger works on their laptop on a desk with papers and the screen showing code.

Teaching people how to properly prompt AI, while also teaching them the nuances of coding means that this niche has a wider audience than ever before and it may see growth. Affiliates would include Codecademy, Udemy, Treehouse, and Corsera.

Have You Found Your Niche?

I hope you enjoyed this very long list of 101 niche site ideas and I hope it gave you some inspiration for the next website you might start.

While this is likely one of the longest niche site ideas posts online today (and it took me an incredibly long time to write), it’s by no means exhaustive.

The potential for niche site topics is almost endless and you could end up like me and own over a dozen domains and run multiple niche/authority sites at the same time.

Remember, if you want some help starting your niche website/blog, Click Here to use our guide and get our Beginner WordPress Blogging Course for free. If you want to learn how to turn your blog into a full-time business, don’t miss our 1-hour free traffic growth training class here.


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